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And the odds of the Obama administration lying about Global Warming…

[Continuing our series on deception in politics and public policy.]

The Obama administration announced that 2014 was “the hottest year on record” by a margin of 0.04 degrees (four one-hundredths of a degree) compared to 2005, a fake fact that was repeated in hundreds of “news” media, virtually none of whom, it appears, bothered to check out the claim.  (It was later clarified that the claim was 0.02 degrees by one part of the Obama administration and 0.04 degrees by a different part.)

Based on the administration’s claim of 2014 as a record-breaking year, Wired magazine ran a story on “5 Charts That Explain 2014’s Record-Smashing Heat” ( ). CNN’s website reported a story headlined “2014 was Earth’s hottest year on record” ( ).  The New York Times version was (as the headline appeared on the paper’s website) was “2014 Breaks Heat record, Challenging Global Warming Skeptics” ( ). All three network evening newscasts touted the story, according to the Media Research Center ( ).

A simple check would have revealed the problem with the administration’s “hottest year on record” assertion—that, as every scientist should know, Read all »

The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose. Also, lying is OK (according to the Left)

[Continuing our series on deception in politics and public policy.]

“The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose.” That’s from Shakespeare, not, as some people think, the Bible. The underlying idea is certainly true. Even the most evil ideas are justified with Biblical citations. Henry Brinton, a pastor in Fairfax, Virginia, noted that supporters of American slavery found verses that, they claimed, supported their position.

They asked who could question the Word of God when it said, “slaves, obey your earthly masters with fear and trembling” (Ephesians 6:5), or “tell slaves to be submissive to their masters and to give satisfaction in every respect” (Titus 2:9).

Abolitionists grounded their arguments in the Bible, too.  The concept of “separation of church and state” (which is quite different from the concept of religious liberty) was first invoked to get preachers to shut up their complaining about slavery.

During the Jim Crow era, segregationists pointed to the Curse of Ham as justification for keeping the so-called “races” separate. At the same time, the Good Guys, including key leaders of the civil rights movement, found support in the Bible for their cause.  (Of course, that includes the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., whom we honored yesterday.)

Recently, Labor secretary Thomas Perez, speaking at an AFL-CIO summit, invoked the Bible to support so-called minimum wage laws, which prohibit unskilled workers from getting jobs. Perez, who wants to make the laws even more harsh, said, “This is really about biblical teachings. This is about what is taught in the Koran and what is in the Torah and what we learn about making sure we ‘do unto others.’”

President Obama recently cited the Bible in support of amnesty for illegal aliens. “The Good Book says, don’t throw stones in glass houses,” he said, “or, make sure we’re looking at the log in our eye before we are pointing out the mote in other folks’ eyes.” OK, that part about glass houses isn’t in the Bible Read all »

Leader of the Free World—not

[Continuing our series on deception in politics and public policy.]

When they held a march in Paris against “terror”—really, against the kind of terror perpetrated methodically by Islamofascists—the turnout was massive: millions of people, including presidents or prime ministers (or the equivalents) of Germany, Israel, the U.K., France, Italy, and Turkey. Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Finland, Norway, and Ukraine were represented. The king and queen of Jordan were there. Even the Palestinian president and the Russian foreign minister, hypocrites respectively on Islamic extremism and freedom of the press, were there. French Muslim leaders were there, as were the leaders of Qatar, the UAE, and Tunisia.

But not President Obama. Not Obama’s attorney general, Eric Holder, who was in Paris but left early. Not the secretary of state, so obviously proud of his ability to speak French. Not the principal designated attendee for funerals and the like, also known as the Vice President. Nobody ranking higher than the U.S. ambassador to France/Monaco, who got her job mainly because she was a big bundler of campaign contributions.

It was a rally intended to send the message that the leaders of the Free World (et al.) stand united against the Islamofascist assault on what we in the U.S. call First Amendment rights. The Founders considered the rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights, including Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press, and Freedom of Religion, to be the birthright not just of Americans but of all mankind. Indeed, the Bill of Rights can be considered as the first universal declaration of human rights. When Islamofascists target a satirical newspaper for mass murder, they are waging war on humanity.

“You let the world down,” declared the headline in the liberal New York Daily News. Liberal reporter Jake Tapper of CNN wrote of the absence of a major U.S. official, “I say this as an American—not a journalist, not as a representative of CNN—but as an American: I was ashamed.” Read all »

Green Watch January 2015: Obama’s Partner on Global Warming: Teaming up with environmental criminals in China to bully the world

Obama’s Partner on Global Warming

Teaming up with environmental criminals in China to bully the world [PDF here]

By Steven J. Allen

Summary: Environmentalists hope the so-called “climate deal” between the U.S. and Communist China will lead to a worldwide Global Warming regime. But is it really a good idea for the U.S. to ally with a totalitarian dictatorship—a systematic violator of the environment and of human rights—in order to bring the rest of the world to heel?

It’s the world’s greatest environmental criminal. Its economy makes a relative few well-connected cronies rich, their bank accounts filled with profits from slave labor. To maintain its power, it tortures and jails dissidents and it seeks to intimidate anyone from the Free World who gets in its way. It may be the worst violator of human rights in history—it’s killed more of its own people than any other government, ever—but to environmentalists, Communist China is the perfect partner in their effort to bully the world on Global Warming policy.

When the Obama administration announced a Global Warming deal in November Read all »

Allen’s Countdown: The Top 10 Political Deceptions of 2014

[Continuing our series on deception in politics and public policy.]

For my first column of the new year, here’s a quick look back at the top political deceptions of 2014.

I used to be a radio disc jockey, so we’ll do a Casey Kasem and go with the Top 10. I base this ranking on a combination of the audacity of each deception, its effectiveness, and the importance of the underlying issue. YMMV.

First, tied for the #11 spot:

The pretense that the surge of illegal alien children caught the Obama administration by surprise, and the claim that President Obama’s “executive action” on illegal aliens was (a) constitutional, based on “prosecutorial discretion,” and (b) the sort of thing that had been done by previous presidents such as Ronald Reagan.

The claim that deserter Bowe Bergdahl, who was traded for five top-level Taliban fighters, had, in the words of National Security Adviser Susan Rice, “served the United States with honor and distinction.” Not surprisingly, the Obama administration has been sitting on the official report about Bergdahl’s actions that led to his capture.

The hoax that the name of the Washington Redskins is somehow insulting to American Indians (often wrongly referred to as “native Americans”). One of the main proponents of the hoax, Suzan Shown Harjo, recently received the Medal of Freedom from President Obama.

Now the Top 10: Read all »

Senators report, terrorists respond

In 2009-2010, I did a daily comic strip in collaboration with the great artist Kevin Tuma. Called “The Gentleman from Lickskillet,” the comic featured the adventures of a Tea Party-type Congressman, his family and constituents, and their friends and adversaries.

Here’s a strip from May 30, 2009.  That week’s strips depicted a terrorist cell, led by mastermind Omar the Barracuda, which was meeting to plot an attack in the town of Lickskillet.

[In order for the image to display properly, I’m inserting some space here. Scroll down for the comic.]




















The War of All Against All

[Continuing our series on deception in politics and policy.]

Once upon a time, when I was a reporter, I uncovered a number of schemes by which politicians perpetuated themselves in office. Often, these involved “giving” people things without accounting for the cost of those things.

One exposé early in my career involved a job-swap between the districts of Congressman A (not his real name) and Congressman B (likewise). The federal government would move a few dozen jobs from Fort A in Congressman A’s district to Fort B in Congressman B’s district. In turn, the federal government would move a few dozen jobs from Fort B in Congressman B’s district to Fort A in Congressman A’s district.

Congressman A took the opportunity to put out a press release announcing the new jobs at Fort A, with the clear implication that he, Congressman A, through his hard work on behalf of his constituents, had secured these jobs. News stories about the new jobs strongly implied: We’d be fools to get rid of this guy, Congressman A, who’s doing such a great job for us.

Congressman B took the opportunity to put out a press release announcing the new jobs at Fort B, with the clear implication that he, Congressman B, through his hard work on behalf of his constituents, had secured these jobs. News stories about the new jobs strongly implied: We’d be fools to get rid of this guy, Congressman B, who’s doing such a great job for us.

It was a good deal, except, of course, for taxpayers, who had to pay for moving the jobs from one place to another, and for the federal employees who had to pull up roots and move hundreds of miles. From the standpoint of the politicians, it was a win-win for all concerned. Although the number of federal jobs in each district stayed the same, each Congressman got to show that he was one of those guys who bring home the bacon.

I lived in the district of Congressman A. When I figured out the scam, I called a counterpart of mine in the district of Congressman B, and we shared information, and we broke the story jointly. It came as no surprise that I got a call from Congressman A’s press secretary, tell me that I was completely irresponsible, and may have ruined things for everyone by ruining the deal that was bringing new jobs to our district. Who was I, a lowly reporter, to interfere in the workings of great men?

It’s the kind of thing that happens all the time in politics. Read all »

Labor Watch: Obama’s Secret War on Women: Women will pay a price for “paycheck fairness,” overtime rules, and Obamacare

Obama’s Secret War on Women

Women will pay a price for “paycheck fairness,” overtime rules, and Obamacare (PDF here)
By Diana Furchtgott-Roth

Summary: For years, President Obama and his supporters have accused their opponents of conducting a “War on Women.” The real War on Women, though, lies in the President’s healthcare plan and in his proposals on wages and working hours, which make it harder for women to get jobs and provide for their families.

In April, President Obama declared, “If Republicans in Congress want to . . . show that they, in fact, do care about women being paid the same as men, then show me. They can start tomorrow. They can join us in this, the 21st Century, and vote yes on the Paycheck Fairness Act.”

But passing the misnamed Paycheck Fairness Act would not help women. Neither would Obama’s other ideas for “helping” women: raising the hourly minimum wage to $10.10, increasing the number of women affected by rules on overtime pay, and the Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. Obamacare.

These ideas may make good soundbites to use in campaign ads, but the dirty little secret is that they would actually harm the employment prospects of women—and men. The Paycheck Fairness Act would raise the cost of employment, reducing jobs for both sexes. A higher minimum wage would reduce job opportunities for low-skill women. Raising the overtime pay ceiling to $50,000 a year would mean women whose earnings are below that level won’t be able to receive compensatory time off instead of overtime pay. Lastly, Obamacare forces women into part-time jobs while it discourages marriage. Read all »

Your own lyin’ eyes

[Continuing our series on deception in politics and policy.]

Last year, I wrote about Type B deception—a form of deception that can be so powerful, it works even after it has been exposed.

Here’s how I described it (

. . .  Edward J. Epstein calls [it] “Type B deception” – a type of deception aimed at “distorting the interpretation of the meaning of a pattern of data, rather than at the observable data itself.  Type B deceptions are designed to confuse, confound or mislead the cognitive processes of an adversary.  Type B deception need not rely on camouflage or concealment.”

In Type B deception, the more closely one observes, the more likely one is to be fooled, as when Hitler convinced himself (with Allied help) that the Normandy invasion was a carefully planned deception and refused, day after day, to let himself be tricked by it. Supporters of President Obama’s policies often point to the failure of those policies, from the “stimulus” to support for the “Arab Spring,” as proof that the President’s ideas weren’t followed with enough zeal. People who believe that Sarah Palin and the Tea Party movement are racist see the election, due to Palin/Tea Party support, of the majority of the country’s “nonwhite” governors and U.S. senators as vindication of their belief (because those officials are Republicans, therefore Uncle Toms and traitors to others of their ethnicities). James Hansen, a leading proponent of the theory of catastrophic man-made Global Warming, wrote recently in the Washington Post that the failure of Global Warming theory to predict actual events meant that proponents of Global Warming theory were even more correct about the threat than they had realized.

Here’s an example that shows how our brains are hard-wired to “see” certain things. Which square is darker, A or B?

Are you sure?

Read all »

Wintertime, and the lyin’ is easy

Enjoy the winter! (It was 70 degrees in DC today. Darn that Global Warming!!) Yes, if you’re reading this on December 1, this is the first day of meteorological winter in the United States. In other words, it’s the beginning of the three-month period with the coldest weather, relative to the three months at the opposite point on the calendar, is December through February, more or less. (It varies by location, but, for nonscientific purposes, it’s close enough to the December-January-February period for us to “round it off.”)

Of course, you’ll hear it stated often—by TV weatherpeople, especially—that the “official” first day of winter is the winter solstice, sometimes even narrowed down to a specific time. (The Northern Hemisphere’s winter solstice, which falls between December 20 and 23, is when the North Pole is tilted farthest away from the sun.) In fact, there’s no “official” beginning of winter. The “official” first day is one of those things that everyone knows but that isn’t true.

Well, not everyone. Last Friday on “CBS This Morning,” WBBM-TV meteorologist Megan Glaros, at the end of her weather report, said, “By the way, meteorological winter starts Monday, Michelle,” to which Michelle Miller of CBS News replied, “Is that so?? Well, thank you, Megan, for letting us know.”

Here’s an article I wrote a while back about lies about the calendar, from ancient Rome to the (fake) holiday President’s Day to the (fake) beginning of the 21st Century on January 1, 2000: .

Lying, or spreading untruths, about the calendar may seem like a little thing. But ever time politicians, bureaucrats, academic pseudo-intellectuals, and people in the media lie or spread false information about little things and get away with it Read all »