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Kitzhaber, Hayes, Steyer, and the Green Web

What happens when fake science meets greed and lust for power, in Oregon and across the country?

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Global Warming beliefs corrupt.

If you’re saving the planet, what aren’t you allowed to do?

The real scandal of Kitzhaber and Hayes isn’t about the two of them. It’s about the lengths and depths to which people will go when the end justifies the means, and the means can make people powerful and rich.

It’s about the networks designed accidentally and on purpose to hide the true motivations underlying the policies that affect our lives in dramatic ways.
The Wall Street Journal noted in an editorial in February that “the Hayes-Kitzhaber operation exposes the underside of the big-money, insider politics that has come to dominate the environmental movement. The modern green machine is a network of wealthy foundations and consultant groups that finance activists who promote and advise sympathetic politicians. Putting or keeping people on the payroll who are close to influential politicians is their stock in trade.”

As noted in our November issue, Cylvia Hayes, usually through her consulting firm 3E Strategies, was paid by environmental interests while her romantic partner, John Kitzhaber, was governor of Oregon. Those interests included the Clean Economy Development Center, an organization called Resource Media, a think tank and advocacy group named Demos, and—most importantly—the individuals and organizations that funded the organizations that funded Hayes. Often, money from one group was actually from another group, which received money from a third group. Where did the flow begin, and where did it end?

“Dan’s concept”
Let’s start with Dan Carol.

It was Carol who arranged for Hayes’ “fellowship” with an organization based in Washington, D.C., the Clean Economy Development Center (CEDC). Then he was hired as a Kitzhaber staff member—indeed, by far the highest paid member of the governor’s staff at more than $165,000 a year.

Carol has been a board member of the Tides Center [about which, see our sister publication Foundation Watch, October 2010]. According to his biographical information from NDN (New Democrat Network), where he was a senior fellow, Carol served as the Content & Issues Director for the Obama for President campaign and “guided the launch” of [Click HERE for the rest of the article.]

[This is Part 2. Click HERE for Part 1.]

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