Deception & Misdirection

Language in Politics

How Bureaucrats Use Poorly Defined Terms to Expand Government Power

Can we trust statistics coming from the government?

Dr. Steven J. Allen, vice president and chief investigative officer for CRC, explains how bureaucrats use poorly defined terms to their advantage.

“Unemployment rate,” “poverty,” and “race” sound like straightforward concepts. However, government and media have framed American political discourse by using language in a way that is aimed at getting people on their side on controversial issues.

Allen’s column, Deception & Misdirection, scrutinizes the assertions of government agencies and politicians, rooting out the falsehoods and redefining the full picture. Recent articles include:

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Dr. Steven J. Allen

A journalist with 45 years’ experience, Dr. Allen served as press secretary to U.S. Senator Jeremiah Denton and as senior researcher for Newt Gingrich’s presidential campaign. He earned a master’s…
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