Film Review of Juice: The Reliability Error

In his latest docuseries energy journalist Robert Bryce examines the dangerous destabilization of the American electricity grid due to flawed policy choices, such as an overreliance on unreliable, weather-dependent wind and solar power systems. In dozens of interviews with energy experts, policy advocates, and even the victims of weather-dependent power corporations, he points the way to an inspiring solution in zero-carbon, abundant, and super-reliable nuclear power.

Film Review of Juice: The Commodity Error

Electricity is our most important infrastructure, analogous to roads and bridges, but even more critical to survival. To take just one example, water treatment plants and water pumps need power, and without fresh water, people die. Reliability is what gives electricity most of its value. This isn’t true of most other modern conveniences that we can indefinitely live without. Reliability isn’t the main concern, let alone a life and death…

Film Review of Juice: Victory?

While not unequivocally declaring victory, Juice concluded on a high note, ticking off several important and recent wins for pro-nuclear advocates. Dr. Keefer and his allies recently persuaded the right-leaning…

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