Missed No Safe Space’s #CancelCon? It’s Not Too Late to Watch It!

On Constitution Day, Capital Research Center and Dangerous Documentaries’ film No Safe Spaces, sponsored a live-streamed free speech event in partnership with Young America’s Foundation. #CancelCon reached over 500,000 viewers live, including student watch parties on campuses across the nation. The event featured a conversation among Dennis Prager, Adam Carolla, Dave Rubin, and Ben Shapiro, with special guests Scott Walker, Ted Cruz, and Michael Knowles.

Sunrise Movement Radicals Switch Climate Change to “Climate Justice”

Global warmers’ latest crusade is targeting “white supremacy everywhere,” starting with “the underlying systems of extraction, segregation, and racist inequality” central to American history, law enforcement, and our prison system. And you thought global warming was about the climate. Unlike the environmentalists of yesteryear who struggled to disannul any ties to Soviet-style Bolshevism, today’s eco-activists are indistinguishable from the revolutionaries they compete with. In fact, the two share the same…

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