Featured Op-Ed: Antifa Demands Show Trial

This article originally appeared in American Spectator, May 18, 2018. An Antifa group took its call for “revolutionary violence” against the University of Texas at Austin’s Robert L. Reece to the next level by scheduling a Maoist-style campus show trial for the academic based on thinly-sourced sex abuse allegations from an ex-girlfriend and ideological deviations from the ultra-leftist group’s official orthodoxies. Originally scheduled for May 3, the show trial…

Lesson to New Health Foundation: Fund Health, Not Politics

In the world of philanthropy, not every grantmaking giant lumbers into the spotlight; some materialize overnight. Take the Mother Cabrini Health Foundation (MCHF), which opened its doors on May 8 and immediately became a behemoth foundation and the largest solely based in New York State. The health legacy foundation was born out of the sale of Fidelis Care, a nonprofit health entity, to the for-profit Medicare/Medicaid provider Centene Corporation.

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