Tammany Hall 2.0: Demos

Activist groups on the Left enjoy using the term “Jim Crow 2.0” to describe almost any election integrity measure, such as voter ID. Under cover of this phony narrative, these well-financed organizations are teaming up with the government to make up what should quite accurately be called Tammany Hall 2.0. In the late 19th century, progressive reformers fought Tammany Hall and other powerful political machines. Today, self-styled progressives are part…

Tammany Hall 2.0: Priorities USA

Priorities USA has tried to help provide ammunition for the Left’s fake narratives.  Whether organizations are formally partnering with the Biden administration to implement the order weaponizing the federal government to sign up as many Democrat voters as possible is less important than whether a group is aiding the effort by providing the rhetoric and money to stop clean election reforms.

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