Anti-Semitism at the #DCDykeMarch?

Last week, the DC Dyke March, an event for lesbians, made national headlines when the organizers announced they were banning the Jewish Pride flag because it too closely resembles the Israeli flag. This led to condemnation from the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and prompted the National LGBTQ Task Force to pull its support from the march. Now, after the event, the group is apologizing for the “misinformation” that allegedly…

InfluenceWatch Podcast Episode #76: The Left’s Push for Court Packing

In this episode: the activist arm of the judicial left prepares an all-out attack on a core American political norm, a left-wing billionaire pledges $500 million to support environmentalist campaigns against coal and natural gas, and the trade war heats up with possible Chinese retaliation in products over which they have a near-monopoly. Influence Watch: Demand Justice Capital Research Center: Big Money in Dark Shadows National Review:…

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