Support CRC: Ways You Can Give

The Capital Research Center needs your support!

Please support Capital Research Center’s (CRC) continuing mission to hold accountable nonprofit political advocacy groups and their funders. Since 1984 CRC has relied on the generosity of friends who help us inform the public about nonprofit groups and their impact on American society and politics. We appreciate all of you who contribute to our success.

The Capital Research Center is a 501(c)(3) public charity funded by individuals, foundations and corporations. All donations are tax deductible. CRC accepts no government funding.

How you can help:

There are several ways you can become a friend of Capital Research Center.

Monetary Donations

Show your support by making a direct monetary contribution. This is the most common of the gifts given to CRC. Monetary donations can be made:

  • By check
    Simply print out and complete this donation form and make your check payable to “ Capital Research Center.” Mail the form and your check to:

Capital Research Center
Support Fund—Attention: Dan Thompson
1513 16th Street N.W.
Washington, DC 20036

  • By credit card
    We accept VISA, MasterCard and American Express. Credit card donations may be made by phone, email, or PayPal.
  • By phone
    To donate over the phone please call (202) 483-6900 and ask for Dan Thompson, Vice President of Development.
  • By email
    To give by email use the address [email protected]
  • PayPal
    For PayPal donations, simply click on the following link:

Project Support

CRC supporters sometimes choose to fund specific CRC projects like our four publications or our Washington, D.C. youth internship program. If you would like to donate to a specific CRC project please call Vice President of Development Dan Thompson at (202) 483-6900. Questions and suggestions are welcome.

Stock Gifts

Gifts of stock are another great way to show your support. Transactions are completed by electronic transfer. Like all other gifts to CRC, they are entirely tax-deductible. For information on how to make a stock gift to CRC, you (or your broker) should call Dan Thompson, CRC Vice President of Development, at (202) 483-6900. He will guide you through the simple process of making a stock transfer.


In line with the Capital Research Center’s mission to defend the principle of “donor intent,” various friends of CRC have chosen to name us in their will. You may make a bequest to CRC in several ways:

  • Specify a fixed amount of cash or property.
  • Specify a fixed percentage of your estate.
  • Designate the remainder of your estate after you have made specific bequests to other beneficiaries.

For more information on including CRC in your will, please contact Dan Thompson at (202) 483-6900.

If you have questions or seek further information on how to make a contribution to Capital Research Center, please contact:

Dan Thompson
Vice President of Development
Capital Research Center
1513 16th Street NW
Washington, DC 20036

Phone: (202) 483-6900
Fax: (202) 483-6990
Email: [email protected]

We look forward to hearing from you. Remember: Your gift helps Capital Research Center keep its eye on the nonprofit world!