InfluenceWatch Podcast #179: Social Justice Unionism

CRC’s Communications Director Sarah Lee interviews CRC’s Research Director Mike Watson on the 4-part series he penned for Capital Research on Social Justice Unionism. Broadly defined, Social Justice Unionism is the embrace of social justice activism on the part of both public- and private-sector unions even when the activism involved has very little to with the original mandate of labor unions. Mike tries to explain why this happens, what it says about unions usefulness in the modern era, and if conservatives who believe embracing unions is the way forward should rethink their theses (hint: they should).

Listen to “Episode 179: Social Justice Unionism” on Spreaker.

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Sarah Lee

Sarah Lee was born and raised in Atlanta, Ga., but found herself drawn to Washington, DC, the birthplace of her mother, after completing a master’s degree in public administration from…
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Michael Watson

Michael is Research Director for Capital Research Center and serves as the managing editor for InfluenceWatch. A graduate of the College of William and Mary, he previously worked for a…
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