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The January 2020 Issue of Capital Research Is Now Available

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s inside:

  • In a special report, Robert Stilson examines how grantees of the Legal Services Corporation often cross the line from providing legal aid to using federal funding to promote progressive causes.
  • Ned Mamula dives deep into the federal land withdrawals and documents that vast areas withdrawn from mineral exploration and mining, threatening the nation’s economic stability and national defense.
  • CRC’s Michael Watson explodes the myth of nonpartisan redistricting, a failed effort to remove the politics from an inherently political process. See also his previous report.
  • In Naomi Klein’s book On Fire, Ken Braun finds a surprisingly honest examination of the goals of the Green New Deal, including an acknowledgement that the “deniers” are correct to conclude that “climate change is a “left-wing conspiracy” that threatens “capitalism itself.”

Click here to download your digital copy.