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Issue 6 of Capital Research Magazine is Now Available

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s inside:

In GreenWatch, CRC’s Ken Braun exposes the radical environmentalist group Extinction Rebellion and shows how they are unabombers without bombs.

Neil Maghami writes in Labor Watch about the ways that activists are threatening the health of many labor pensions across the country.

The latest Deception & Misdirection article uncovers Ellen Pao, a Silicon Valley influencer who founded a new nonprofit, Project Include, designed to increase the level of “wokeness” in tech.

Senior Fellow Martin Morse Wooster takes a critical look at the Annie E. Casey Foundation and shows how it has been set adrift because its founder did not clearly explain his donor intent.

CRC’s Hayden Ludwig’s latest target in the quest to shine light on the Left’s “dark money” network is the Proteus Fund—a grantmaking organization that encapsulates the “pass-through” model, where funders funnel grants from unknown donors to well-known activist groups.

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