Firefighters Union Allegations Show Need for New Labor Reports

The allegations are startling: Edward Kelly, the secretary-treasurer and number-two man in the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF), is accusing union president Harold Schaitberger of improperly taking over $1 million in payments from the IAFF’s pension funds. If the allegations are accurate, it’s hardly the first time that union bosses have used pension funds or other union-controlled financial entities as sources of ill-gotten gains.

Goodbye, Bill Kristol

William “Bill” Kristol is one of the foremost alleged “conservatives” to oppose the Trump presidency. Whatever Trump’s faults, are they enough to justify Kristol becoming a tool for the Left? Perhaps Kristol has flipped because Trump’s brand of conservatism has left his failed ideas behind. Good riddance Bill Kristol—conservatives are better off without you!  …

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