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Capital Research, January 2024

CRC is pleased to announce that the January 2024 issue of Capital Research is now available online.

Here’s a peek at what’s inside:

  • CRC’s InfluenceWatch takes an in-depth look at Demand Justice, most known for its character-assassination campaigns against conservative Supreme Court nominees.
  • Guest author Fred Lucas takes a look at the organizations pushing the U.S. military to go woke.
  • Kali Fontanilla exposes how the perverse agenda of comprehensive sex education is harming children.
  • Ken Braun highlights the perversity of Invenergy’s business model, which billionaire Michael Polsky crafted to vacuum up the green-energy subsidies of the Inflation Reduction Act. See a previous version here.
  • Thomas Sowell cuts through the fallacies of “social justice” in this interview with David Hogberg on Sowell’s latest book, Social Justice Fallacies.

Download your digital copy here.