Deception & Misdirection

Dragging the Arabella Advisors “Dark Money” Empire into the Light

This week the Free Beacon reported that a whistleblower who claimed New Venture Fund “ran roughshod over tax laws” in order to influence state legislators expand mail-in voting in 2020 and 2021. New Venture Fund is one of four (now five) sister nonprofits controlled by Arabella Advisors, a Democratic “dark money” behemoth.

A Whistleblower

Former Secure Democracy executive director Sarah Walker, a whistleblower, had filed a wrongful termination suit against New Venture Fund in federal court in November.

“The most damning thing in this sordid story is the way the Arabella empire shuttered Secure Democracy within weeks of the whistleblower’s warning,” said Capital Research Center president Scott Walter. “The powers-that-be must have feared possible damage to the billion-dollar-a-year New Venture Fund, Arabella’s crown jewel.”

The shady behavior wasn’t limited to suddenly shutting down Secure Democracy. Timesheets were allegedly altered after the fact to hide that New Venture Fund, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, was engaging in forbidden political activity. Instead, the altered timesheets attributed time worked to North Fund an offshoot of Arabella Advisors—501(d)(4) nonprofits are allowed to engage in political activity.


Whichever direction the wrongful termination suit goes, the discovery phase could be quite enlightening, pulling back the curtain on the “crown jewel” of Arabella Advisors’ network.

Capital Research Center, especially through the research of Hayden Ludwig, was the first to begin exposing the vast Arabella Advisors “dark money” network.

On that note, CRC has reposted:

  • The groundbreaking CRC special report Big Money in Dark Shadows: Arabella Advisors’ Half-Billion-Dollar “Dark Money” Network” and
  • The CRC video Arabella Advisors’ Left-Wing Dark Money Network.