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The Truth About BLM And Its Aftermath

In perhaps one of the greatest messaging coups of all time, the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation—an international effort funded by some of the most powerful and wealthy leftists admittedly steeped in the Marxist playbook—and other radical groups took the true statement that black lives matter and used it to create chaos and destroy the livelihoods of the very people it was professing to help.

BLM Aftermath, a video series sponsored by Capital Research Center, visits American cities that grappled with the 2020 protests and are now dealing with what was left in their wake once the clamor subsided.

Black Lives Matter, Inc: Minneapolis Shakedown, the first installment, featured Minneapolis, Minnesota, and the neighborhood where George Floyd lived and was murdered. Subsequent installments featured Cleveland, Atlanta, Houston, and Washington, DC. Watch them all at

BLM Aftermath is a project of the Capital Research Center produced by First Class Broadcasting.

Learn more about BLM Global Network Foundation, its radical origins, and its links to the BLM movement.