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Scott Walter Interviewed by FOX News: SPLC Has Lost Its Way

The Southern Poverty Law Center fuels the very hate it was created to fight

Capital Research Center president Scott Walter was interviewed by FOX News on his recent reporting on the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a group CRC has called a “wellspring of manufactured hate.”

“They deserve praise because they used the law to hurt the Klan — a lot,” said Scott Walter, president of Capital Research Center, a conservative think tank that monitors nonprofits. “But as often happens in the charity world, it concocts new ways to keep donations flowing.”

“Hate is the issue here,” Walter said. “When you talk about hate groups, you’re talking about a group that is a threat because of its violent tendencies and racism. If you go up to somebody on the street and ask ‘What is a hate group?’ that is what they would take it to mean.”

“It’s an outrageous lie that some mainstream Christian group is a threat in terms of violence and racism,” Walter said.

Read the full article by Elizabeth Llorente here.

CRC was a proud part of the effort to end the use by Guidestar, a charity monitor, of SPLC’s “hate group” labels. The SPLC, notorious for its far-left political views, flags many mainstream and conservative nonprofits as “hate groups” alongside real hate groups like the Ku Klux Klan because they do not share the SPLC’s radical ideology. Thanks in part to CRC’s reporting, Guidestar chose to back away from the SPLC’s slanderous labels.

CRC senior fellow Michael E. Hartmann penned an op-ed for Philanthropy Daily, adding that Guidestar has more work to do if it truly values its reputation for objectivity – read it here.

See our short video on the SPLC, which was founded to combat the evils of Jim Crow segregation laws but has since lost its way:

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