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Now Available: Issue 2 of Capital Research Magazine

CRC is proud to release the newest issue of Capital Research Magazine. Here’s a peek at what’s inside:

In a Special Report, learn how some nonprofit organizations rely on the Department of Labor and the Environmental Protection Agency to fund nearly 90% of their operations. These government-dependent nonprofits run programs designed to help senior citizens find gainful employment. But most fail to deliver on their promises.

Does the average Democratic voter know that many of their party’s presidential candidates are seeking the blessing of the Rev. Al Sharpton? Even as the “Sharpton Primaries” make headlines, most candidates gloss over the fact that Sharpton has had brushes with the mafia and problems with the IRS. Read more about the Democratic kingmaker’s dubious past business dealings in Deception & Misdirection.

In Doing Good, meet one of Colorado’s best school choice advocates. Steve Schuck’s experience and vision in both business and local politics informs the excellent advocacy he does on behalf of Parents Challenge, a nonprofit helping improve education for young Coloradoians.

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