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Far-Right Supporters of Hamas

Although we didn’t find any registered far-right nonprofits supporting Hamas, Hamas clearly has a fanbase among the far Right.

As the ADL reports, the leader of the neo-Nazi Goyim Defense League, Jon Minadeo, was ecstatic about Hamas’s rampage in his online broadcast. The leader of the neo-Nazi group Blood Tribe similarly wrote on Telegram, “Thoroughly enjoying the show in Israel over the past day.”

Natsoc Florida, another neo-Nazi group, posted a photo of a printed t-shirt that says “Fuck Israel.” The text accompanying the photo reads, “I’ve been cranking these out all day. The Israeli people deserve zero sympathy. Fuck Israel. They deserve everything that is happening to them right now. I sincerely hope that Hezbollah and the Taliban are able to make it to the fight.”

The Counter Extremism Project also observed cheers from neo-Nazi social media channels with thousands of followers. One linked to the successors of the Atomwaffen Division terrorist group was inspired by Hamas’ actions. It told members to think about how comparatively stronger “organized whites” could kill Jews in greater numbers.

White supremacists have sought to aid Hamas before. In September 2020, two Boogaloo Bois members—an anti-government militia-type group—were arrested for trying to provide material support to Hamas.


It seems unimaginable that anyone in the Western world could have a positive sentiment toward Hamas after it brutally murdered over 1,200 Israelis, but the truth we must contend with is that there is a groundswell of support for the terrorist organization.

Hamas could be dismantled in the Gaza Strip, but it would live on in the U.S. through its Islamist, far-left and far-right allies.

Ryan Mauro

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