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CRC’s 2021 Year in Review

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Capital Research Center Changes Public Debates So Citizens Can Reclaim Freedom

In 2021, Capital Research Center’s ironclad research exposed power-seeking influencers and helped citizens reclaim their freedom. Our work was featured in seven new books released last year—on everything from the way private money changed the 2020 election to the structure of the Black Lives Matter movement to “woke” capitalism and much more. Capital Research Center plays a vital role in the conservative movement, providing “opposition research” on what the Left is up to. Thanks to you, we help our conservative allies and supporters fight back. And they thank us for our invaluable work. Here are some great examples:

Praise from CRC’s Allies and Other Opinion Leaders

“Kudos to the CRC for the essential and indispensable role you are playing to keep our leaders and the public accurately informed!!!!”

“It’s really a no brainer to support you and the CRC.”

“Your well written piece about our … case was excellent…P.S. Let Scott know he did a great job [with the Senate Subcommittee testimony].”

“WOW. Great research with real results. I just reread the NYT piece with this additional context [that a Swiss billionaire was about to buy major US newspapers]. His ownership of a media empire would be a big challenge.”

“This is exceptional work. I will want to use this information on my website.”

2021 Milestones

Capital Research Center’s Work Is Reaching Wider Audiences

InfluenceWatch Still Outperforms on Google

As InfluenceWatch enters into its fifth year, Google continues to point to Capital Research Center’s online encyclopedia of special interests as the “Featured Snippet” or the best site that answers a searcher’s question. Roughly 6,500 search terms have had InfluenceWatch pop up in this premium search position. For example:

  • Democrary Alliance Soros
  • NAACP Net Worth
  • Bill Gates Funding
  • Who Funds the Sierra Club


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