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Christopher Rufo Talks Critical Race Theory, Election Aftermath, and Radical Activists

Christopher Rufo is a filmmaker, writer, and policy researcher. He’s directed four films for PBS, including his latest America Lost, which can be watched at AmericaLostFilm.com. He’s also a research fellow at the Discovery Institute’s Center on Wealth, Poverty, & Morality and a contributing editor at City Journal. Chris is perhaps best known of late for his work opposing Critical Race Theory.

Christopher is interviewed by Joseph (Jake) Klein. Jake is the Film & Video Producer at the Capital Research Center and the author of the upcoming book Redefining Racism: How Racism Became Prejudice + Power.

Joseph (Jake) Klein

Jake runs CRC’s media operations, producing web videos disseminating our reporting as well as both short and feature films utilizing our hard-hitting investigative style under the Dangerous Documentaries brand. Prior to…
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