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Featured Video: Christopher Rufo Talks Critical Race Theory, Election Aftermath, and Radical Activists

Christopher Rufo is a filmmaker, writer, and policy researcher. He’s directed four films for PBS, including his latest America Lost, which can be watched at AmericaLostFilm.com. He’s also a research fellow at the Discovery Institute’s Center on Wealth, Poverty, & Morality and a contributing editor at City Journal. Chris is perhaps best known of late for his work opposing Critical Race Theory.

Christopher is interviewed by Joseph (Jake) Klein. Jake is the Film & Video Producer at the Capital Research Center and the author of the upcoming book Redefining Racism: How Racism Became Prejudice + Power.

Joseph (Jake) Klein

Jake Klein directs the media operations of the Foundation Against Intolerance and Racism. He previously ran CRC’s media operations, producing web videos disseminating our reporting as well as both short…
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