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Catch all the Action from Freedom Fest!

If you wanted to see us at Freedom Fest, but weren’t able to make it to Las Vegas, then don’t worry. We captured all the exciting moments from Freedom Fest and the Anthem Film Festival.

UnCivil War, Can a Divided America Stand?

CRC President Scott Walter moderates a panel featuring Turning Point USA’s Candace Owens, Americans for Tax Reform’s Grover Norquist, and National Review reporter John Fund.


Political Polarization & the State of Liberty

Whiskey Politics host Dave Sussman moderates a panel featuring CRC President Scott Walter, Representative Justin Amash (R-MI), and author Alan Crawford.


The Animator’s Art, Beyond Cartoons

After screening the first episode of Dangerous Documentaries’ Politically Incorrect Guide, CRC Film & Video Producer Joseph (Jake) Klein moderated a panel featuring Politically Incorrect Guide producer Patrick Reasonover, Politically Incorrect Guide director Michael Ozias, “My Name is Victimhood” producer Jennifer Grossman, Foundation for Economic Education filmmaker Sean Malone.

The Battle Over Free Speech Expands Beyond Campus

After screening No Safe Spaces (which took home the grand prize!) CRC Film & Video Producer Joseph (Jake) Klein moderated a panel featuring No Safe Spaces producer Mark Joseph, No Safe Spaces director Justin Folk, Reason Magazine reporter Robby Soave, and Mercatus Center economist Dr. Don Boudreaux.


The Rise of Feminism & Genderism in Academia

After screening the first film of the Architects of Woke series, Judith Butler’s War on Science, CRC Film & Video Producer Joseph (Jake) Klein moderated a panel featuring Avens O’Brien, Gloria Greenfield, and Jo Ann Skousen.