The Elizabeth Warren Cheering Squad

The Elizabeth Warren Cheering Squad

Progressive groups push to send the anti-capitalist politician to the White House

By Jonathan M. Hanen, Organization Trends, May 2015 (PDF here)

Summary:  A coalition of Progressive, pro-Democrat nonprofits is trying to draft Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), who has become a kind of folk hero to leftists, as an alternative to Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential contest.  The ACORN-affiliated Working Families Party, MoveOn, and Howard Dean’s PAC, Democracy for America, are promoting her potential candidacy relentlessly, while other nonprofits like Americans for Financial Reform and Progressive Change Campaign Committee beat the drum for Warren’s radical policy ideas aimed at crushing Wall Street.  Whether Warren runs or not, her looming presence is sure to push the Democratic Party even farther to port.

In recent months, it seems as if every day the populist left-wing politician Elizabeth Warren has said “no” to her party’s Progressive wing, which desperately wants her to challenge the allegedly inevitable presidential candidate, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. But the Progressives keep on asking, begging, and pleading with the former law professor to declare her candidacy. “We think the stakes are so high that we want to push to get her in this race,” said T. Neil Sroka, spokesman for Democracy for America. Of Civic Action’s effort to draft Warren, executive director Anna Galland said, “The top objective of our campaign that we have been explicit about from the beginning is that this is an earnest effort to get her into the race.”

Warren’s reluctance to enter the race may be grounded in self-preservation. She is aware of the power and ruthlessness of the Clinton machine. Clinton’s “command of the Democratic machinery, from fundraising to grass-roots organizing, is so extensive that almost everyone else is understandably intimidated about even testing their talents against her,” Dan Balz observed in the Washington Post (Nov. 8, 2014).

The Democrats have a weak farm team, Balz adds. “The party’s national bench is so thin that Democrats count themselves lucky to have her available in 2016. If she were to decide not to run, the Democrats would have trouble identifying a field of candidates as extensive as Republicans are likely to put up in the coming presidential race.”

With that said, Warren’s wholly speculative candidacy has been going gangbusters. Democracy for America, MoveOn, and the ACORN-affiliated Working Families Party of New York have been raising money, carrying out polls, hosting events, opening offices, and hiring employees in key states “with the express purpose of showing Warren that an infrastructure exists should she discover her presidential aspirations.”

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Attacking ALEC: Left-wing politicians and activists pursue the American Legislative Exchange Council

Attacking ALEC: Left-wing politicians and activists pursue the American Legislative Exchange Council

By Matthew Vadum (Organization Trends, December 2013) (PDF here)

Summary:   The American Legislative Exchange Council has long worked to improve government at the state level by limiting it to its proper roles and by preventing unions and other special interest groups from currying political favors.  ALEC’s effectiveness may be seen in the fury with which certain senators and left-wing activists are now trying to harass the group’s donors, especially skittish corporations, and bankrupt ALEC.

Few conservative organizations have been more routinely smeared and unfairly attacked in the Obama era than the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), based in Arlington, Virginia.  ALEC is a membership organization of more than 2,000 legislators and corporations. Left-wing activists demonize the group because, quite simply, it is effective in advancing the cause of free markets, limited government, and federalism at the state level throughout America. ALEC is one of a handful of political groups in the country that tries to reverse the civic rot that has eaten away at the nation since the tumultuous 1960s. It seeks, in economist Milton Friedman’s words, to “develop alternatives to existing policies [and] keep them alive and available.”

Since President Johnson and Congress launched the “Great Society” welfare programs, tens of thousands of nonprofit advocacy groups have emerged. Most of these groups lean to port and promote more government programs and regulations in areas once considered the domain of families, charities, neighborhood associations, and other voluntary organizations. They argue it is the government’s responsibility to solve almost all of society’s problems and push big government solutions in education, the environment, and healthcare. With the help of the Left, government has increasingly supplanted the voluntary, community-based problem-solving that the great observer of early American society, Alexis de Tocqueville, recognized as a key to America’s thriving.

For ALEC’s efforts to restore the time-honored virtues of the American republic, leftists have rewarded the group with histrionics and slander. ALEC’s enemies have struggled to kill the group in recent years, savaging it for its principled positions on public policy issues of interest to conservatives and libertarians. ALEC’s story is a cautionary tale of what happens when left-wing, Saul Alinsky-inspired agitators target a conservative group for destruction.

Left-wing activists claimed ALEC was racist because its members in past years had supported voter ID laws and “stand your ground” self-defense laws like the Florida statute mentioned repeatedly by the media (but not by the defendant) during George Zimmerman’s murder trial earlier this year. Of course, most people of all races tell pollsters they support voter ID laws, and “stand your ground” laws have been signed into law by (now retired) Democratic governors like Jennifer Granholm of Michigan and Janet Napolitano (who later became Obama’s Secretary of Homeland Security).

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MoveOn freaking out over Obamacare

I just received this panicky mass email from MoveOn:


Dear MoveOn member,

There’s no sugar-coating it: Obamacare is in serious political trouble. And progressives need to step up and start fighting to save it right now.

Obviously, the law itself is still really good. But it’s clear to everyone that rollout has been badly botched—and now Republicans smell blood in the water. They think this is their chance to undo the whole thing. Worse yet, some Democrats in Congress are starting to waver too.1

To fight back, we need to push hard on Republicans trying to undermine the law—as well as Democrats thinking about caving. We also need to hold media outlets accountable for spreading false reports about the parts of the law that are working just fine.

But we don’t have much time. The House is voting tomorrow on a bill that would gut the whole law, and according to news reports some Democrats might vote for it as well.2 We’re aiming to raise $175,000 to make sure we have enough resources to turn the tide. Can you chip in $3?

Yes, I can contribute $3 to help save Obamacare.

There’s no excuse for the problems with the website. We all know that. But the website will be fixed.

And we can’t let a bad website undercut the most important expansion of the social safety net since the 1960s.

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Catalist for Victory: How Nonprofits and Unions Have Struggled to Re-elect President Obama

Catalist for Victory: How Nonprofits and Unions Have Struggled to Re-elect President Obama

By Neil Maghami, Organization Trends, November 2012 (PDF here)

Summary: Supposedly nonpartisan nonprofits on the Left and their union allies have exploited the latest “microtargeting” technology as they’ve worked feverishly to elect Democrats. The most powerful weapon in their arsenal is Catalist LLC, a state-of-the-art data firm that services both “nonpartisan” nonprofits and every would-be Democrat officeholder who can afford it. (Note: This study went to press shortly before the election.)

Winning in war, quipped a Southern leader in the Civil War, is all about getting to the battlefield “firstest with the mostest.” That’s a formula for victory in presidential politics, too. When it comes to mustering all possible support on Election Day 2012 for the Democratic Party, unions and tax-exempt left-wing groups have played a critical role in the party’s get-out-the-vote strategy. Since 2006 a high-tech operation called Catalist LLC has helped both unions and tax-exempt groups fine-tune their electoral influence to the point that they may well provide the Democrats the edge they need.

Catalist boasts it was vital to President Obama’s 2008 victory. By its own admission, “over 90 organizations, campaigns and committees” used the company’s services. “Based on data that was loaded into the Catalist databases and then standardized,” a Catalist analysis of the 2008 cycle says, “progressive organizations, the Obama campaign, and federal party committees attempted to contact more than 106 million people. This means that the progressive community attempted to contact over 46% of the U.S. adult population. Contacts were delivered in-person, over the phone, by mail and over the internet.”

Catalist says that “data stored by all progressive groups (over 90 organizations, campaigns and committees) working with [us] in the 2008 cycle shows that presidential [voter] ID activity alone reached 15,452,954 people—a difference of over 80% [compared to 2004]. Overall, Catalist customers were responsible for generating over 7 million voter registration applications. They completed over 127 million contacts to over 49 million unique individuals. Of these individuals, 28 million voted on Election Day, representing over 20% of all votes cast. Furthermore, 82% of progressive activities occurred in 16 highly contested states. Progressives contacted 37% of all the people who voted in the 16 battlegrounds.”

If this is what Catalist and its allies could achieve in 2008, imagine their goals for 2012, after four more years of refining their techniques. This edition of Organization Trends examines the who’s, why’s, and how’s of Catalist. We’ll also explore Catalist’s link to George Soros, the Left’s Daddy Warbucks. And we’ll look at some of Catalist’s known customers in the 501(c)(3) tax-exempt community and among labor unions.

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Attack of the Scare Ads!

Attack of the Scare Ads!

By William Yeatman, (Green Watch, July 2012 – PDF here)

Since Barack Obama took office in January 2009, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued a suite of anti-coal regulations, collectively known as the “war on coal,” which to date has lead to the loss of 26,000 megawatts of coal-fired electricity—enough to power 20 million to 26 million homes. And that’s just the beginning: According to an analysis by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, EPA regulations will “likely” retire almost an additional 55,000 megawatts of coal-fired electricity by 2018.

Unfortunately, it gets worse. In recent months, EPA has issued two regulations—the Utility Maximum Achievable Control Technology rule and the Carbon Pollution Standard for New Power Plants—that effectively ban the construction of new coal-fired power plants. Thus, EPA has effectively taken coal, one of America’s most abundant and reliable energy sources, off the table.

To be sure, Congress never authorized EPA to shut down the coal industry. Rather, EPA is using creative interpretations of existing statutes to seize the power it needs to shutter existing coal-fired power plants and prevent new ones from being built, which raises an important question: Why hasn’t Congress checked EPA’s power grabs? Continue reading →

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MoveOn thinks you’re stupid

The radicals at MoveOn think Americans are stupid.

The November election results were not a massive repudiation of failed big government policies, they said in an email to members. Instead, the American people were duped by sinister forces:

Democrats made genuine and significant progress on issues like health care and Wall Street reform. But the Republicans, Fox, and corporate front groups systematically misled America about all of that. And then those same groups spent hundreds of millions to put Republicans over the top.

As they say, denial is not just a river in Egypt.

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New Obama White House Visitors List Released

The Obama White House has released a new visitors list.

Of specific interest…

#97,98 Joan E. Blades, co-founder of

#251 Leslie Dach, super-lobbyist for Wal-Mart brought in to move the company to the left; longtime Democrat operative.

#413,414 David Fenton, leftist PR maestro responsible for Alar apple scare and other frauds

#458,459 Michael Gaspard, brother of White House political director and longtime ACORN operative Patrick Gaspard and lobbyist with Scott Levenson’s The Advance Group which represents ACORN

#877,879 Peter Lewis, which could be the founder of Progressive Insurance (his middle initial is “B,” but no middle initial is provided in the database); Lewis is a big player in George Soros’s Democracy Alliance

#960,961 Markos Moulitsas of DailyKos infamy; surname misspelled once but it’s got to be him

#1040,1041,1042 Eli Pariser of (variation of first name shown as Elijah but it’s probably the same person)

#1448, 1449 another two visits by SEIU’s Andrew Stern

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Actress Heather Graham Teams Up With MoveOn To Push Fascist Option

Movie star Heather Graham, whom you might remember as “Rollergirl” in Boogie Nights, is now appearing in propaganda pushing the Fascist healthcare option.

The ad depicts a footrace between runners representing various insurance companies.

The Big Lie the ad promotes is that the so-called “public option” will promote competition in the health insurance industry. Of course, allowing the federal government to offer health insurance will necessarily drive all private insurers out of business, which is precisely the goal as its supporters freely admit.

Liquidating all private health insurers gives the government a monopoly.

Benito Mussolini and maybe Vladimir Lenin must be looking up from their fiery torments in Hell and smiling right now.

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Sometimes leaders lie to their followers to improve morale. People will lie to a mortally wounded person and tell the person everything will be alright., incredibly enough, is telling its supporters it is “winning” the fight to force government-run healthcare down the throats of Americans. It also keeps pushing its push poll that falsely reports that Americans support the socialist public option.

Here is the group’s latest email –filled with the usual lies and distortions about what the public wants– to supporters:

Dear MoveOn member,

After a few weeks of health care craziness, there’s good news: we’re winning on the ground. Lots of town halls are now dominated by supporters of health care reform. The vast majority of Americans want the choice of a public plan.1 And a powerful bloc of progressives in the House is standing strong on real reform.

The really bad news? The media’s still acting like President Obama’s health care plan is on the skids.

If we don’t turn the conventional wisdom around before Congress begins voting on health care, we could be in big trouble.

We’ve got a plan to make it happen. It starts tomorrow with major vigils across the country to bring the media’s focus back to the real people suffering under the current health care system.

And then we’ll shake up the media story again by going on the offensive against Republicans, with a new series of tough ads that call them out for their ties to the health insurance industry.

But to actually make a big splash, we need to raise $185,000 today—and that’s going to take at least 50 donations from people in Washington. Can you chip in $20 right now to help out?


Right now, Republicans in Congress think they can get away with viciously slandering President Obama’s plan for a public health insurance option—even though 77% of Americans say they want to have the choice of a public plan.2

These Republicans need a reality check. Every member of Congress should know that opposing health care reform isn’t just morally wrong—it’s politically dangerous and unpopular.

That’s why we’re planning some very tough new TV ads. They’ll let voters know exactly how much money their representatives have taken from the insurance industry, whose top goal this year is to kill the public option.

These ads are a surefire way to put Republicans on the defensive, and show that Americans want their representatives to stop siding with insurance companies by obstructing health care reform.

To hit our goal of $185,000 and get these ads on the air, we need at least 50 people in Washington to step up. Can you chip in $20 right now to help out?


Thanks for all you do.

–Nita, Kat, Stephen, Joan and the rest of the team


1, 2. “New Poll: 77 Percent Support ‘Choice’ Of Public Option,” The Huffington Post, August 20, 2009.

Want to support our work? We’re entirely funded by our 5 million members—no corporate contributions, no big checks from CEOs. And our tiny staff ensures that small contributions go a long way. Chip in here.

PAID FOR BY MOVEON.ORG POLITICAL ACTION, Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

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MoveOn Already Using Ted Kennedy’s Death To Promote Government Healthcare Takeover

Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Massachusetts) hasn’t been dead for 24 hours yet is already invoking his memory to press for the Sovietization of America’s healthcare system.

I received the following in my email inbox a half hour ago:

Dear MoveOn member,

The Lion is at rest.

Senator Teddy Kennedy passed away last night and our movement lost a hero. His leadership, his vision, and his passion will never be forgotten.

As we grieve, we must honor his memory and re-dedicate ourselves to his fight. Right now, let’s listen to his words. Below is a powerful video that lots of MoveOn members are passing around this morning:

Video of Teddy Kennedy


Tonight, please light a candle in your window to memorialize him.

Tomorrow, as Senator Kennedy said, “…the work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives, and the dream shall never die.”

Tomorrow, let’s re-commit ourselves to achieving the thing that mattered most to him: Quality, affordable health care for every single American.

Thank you for all you do.

–Justin, Adam, Amy, Anna, Annie, Carrie, Christopher, Daniel, Danielle, Eli, Emily, Gail, Ian, Ilya, Ilyse, Joan, Jodeen, Julie, Kat, Keauna, Laura, Lenore, Marika, Matt E., Matt S., Matthew, Melanie, Michael, Nita, Noah, Peter, Sasha, Scott, Stephen, Steven, Susannah, Wes, and the entire MoveOn team

PAID FOR BY MOVEON.ORG POLITICAL ACTION, Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee. […]

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