Capital Research Magazine, Issue 7, 2019

Published on:December 11, 2019

We are proud to announce that Issue 7 of Capital Research Magazine is now available.

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s inside:

In a special report, David Hogberg interviews Justin Danhof, director of the Free Enterprise Project at the National Center for Public Policy Research. Justin has waged a lonely battle against the political Left’s next culture war: a campaign to compel corporate America to actively support liberal positions on “corporate social responsibility.”

CRC’s Ken Braun exposes the labor movement’s political academies known as “labor studies centers.” These centers—often operating out of publicly funded state schools—produce often biased research and promote policies to increase unionization.

The little-known Wellspring Philanthropic Fund is a near bottomless pit of “dark money”—anonymous spending to achieve political ends—fed by a handful of mysterious hedge fund billionaires. CRC’s Hayden Ludwig uncovers the sophisticated network of for-profits, shell corporations, and consultancies Wellspring has used to pour an incredible $1.1. billion into nonprofits over the last two decades.