Kali Fontanilla

Kali Fontanilla

Senior Fellow

Kali is serving as CRC’s Senior fellow, particularly focusing on topics related to K-12 public education. She has 15 years of experience as a credentialed educator working in public and Christian schools teaching multiple subjects and grade levels. Her rebuttal statement to Prop 16 in California helped to stop the push for legal “reverse racism” and a new extreme version of “affirmative action” in 2020. She wrote the guide for the BLEXIT Foundation to expose the dangers of Critical Race Theory. After leaving the public school system, Kali founded the Exodus Institute, a fully accredited K-12 grade online school that seeks to redefine education in the 21st century by joining technology with traditional values. She has been featured in newspapers across the country including the Epoch Times, Associated Press, Boston Globe, etc.

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