Introducing the Professor Watchlist

There’s a new database students can use to expose professors who use their platform to push their radical left-wing ideas on students. Illinois-based Turning Point USA has launched The Professor Watchlist to “expose and document college professors who discriminate against conservative students.” According to TPUSA founder Charlie Kirk: Professor Watchlist is intended to expose, document, and organize radical professors across the country who have been engaged in anti-American…
Organization Trends

Citizen Engagement Laboratory

Summary: Citizen Engagement Laboratory is a well-funded beehive of progressive advocacy that uses foundation money to fight for left-progressive causes. It is also an incubator of nascent left-wing groups that it creates and assists to carry the radical agenda forward. It uses its network of group websites and letterheads to pretend that large grassroots movements are angry with companies and other organizations it dislikes. One of its favorite targets to…
Charity and Welfare

Barbecue with a Side of Bleach

Last week, health inspectors in Kansas City, Missouri, poured bleach on barbecue meant to feed about 150 homeless people. Why? Because the inspectors couldn’t confirm the origin of the food.
Education Reform

The Perpetually Outraged

This article was originally posted at Philanthropy Daily.   Look at the political struggles on campuses today, and a basic question arises: why are today’s college students so…

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