Make a Gift of Stock to Capital Research Center

To make a gift of securities (e.g. stocks, mutual funds) to the Capital Research Center (CRC), please contact your broker and provide the following information.

CRC’s Brokerage Account: Morgan Stanley
Broker: Marvin McIntyre, III
Address:  1747 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, 9th Floor, Washington DC 20006
Contact: Colleen Shemer
Phone: 202-778-1284
Fax: 202-778-1283
Email: colleen.shemer at

Account Name: Capital Research Center Corp.
Account #: 067-161137
DTC Number: 0015
Tax ID Number: 52-1289734

The best way to donate securities is by transferring them to Capital Research Center.  By doing so, you receive a charitable deduction equal to the fair market value of the securities, and do not incur capital gains tax on your gift and neither does CRC.

To ensure your gift is properly recorded and acknowledged, please call the Capital Research Center at 202-464-2043 and speak with Dan Thompson.  Please provide your name, your phone number, name of the security transferred, number of shares, and the date of transfer.  You may also email this information to Dan at