The Daily Caller shows how CRC investigates and exposes the Left


Capital Research Center is in the headlines for the work it does educating the American people about the network of radical left-wing nonprofit groups and super wealthy funders that want to fundamentally transform the country.

Ginni Thomas of the Daily Caller News Foundation interviewed Scott Walter, who became CRC president earlier this year.

In the video interview Walter boiled down what we do at Capital Research Center and why we do it.

The Left has a “Borg-like” consciousness he said, offering an homage to the Star Trek franchise. Walter said left-leaning people are much more open to emotional appeals than conservatives who tend to prioritize real-world facts in policy discussions. To combat the Left, it is important to understand that first and foremost the Left is about power.

In other words, conservatives care most about ideas; those on the Left care most about power.

Highlights from the interview:

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Undercover video: Democrats caused violence at Trump rallies


This week our friend James O’Keefe III at Project Veritas Action began releasing a series of undercover videos with shocking information about left-wing nonprofits — 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) groups — that appear to have been behind the Left’s well-organized false flag operation against the Donald Trump campaign.

Worse, those nonprofits appear to have been illegally collaborating with the Hillary Clinton campaign to pay people to show up at Trump campaign rallies and initiate physical altercations. The goal was to make it appear that Trump supporters were knuckle-dragging thugs in order to discredit Trump’s candidacy.

As Joel Pollak noted in a prescient column at Breitbart News on Aug. 10, the Left believes:

creating violence is a no-lose strategy. If protesters can provoke Trump supporters to be violent, they embarrass Trump and cast him as a fascist. And if the protesters themselves are violent, voters will understand that a Trump victory will be met with violent mob resistance.

The left has recruited some Beltway Republicans — the NeverTrump faction — as a willing echo chamber for this meme. Mere hours before the San Jose riot, David French — then considering a third-party run for president to undermine Trump and give the election to Hillary Clinton — accused Trump of inciting violence.

Trump’s primary opponents, too, blamed Trump for the riot that closed down his Chicago rally in April — rather than blaming the organized left-wing groups that created the chaos.

It is not news to those who follow the activist Left that these people commit these kind of acts, but to have up-close-and-personal video footage of senior Clinton operatives acknowledging — even bragging — about using mentally ill people to start fights at Trump rallies is another thing altogether.

CRC vice president Matthew Vadum immediately wrote a long report on the first video for FrontPage Magazine, including thorough histories of the radicals who run the nonprofits involved (warning: harsh language from the activists). The radicals’ backgrounds include heading unions like the American Federation of Teachers, AFSCME (American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees), and SEIU (Service Employees International Union), as well as serving as high-level staff for the Sierra Club, pro-Hillary super PACs, People for the American Way, Center for American Progress, and Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev).


Keeping Up with CAIR’s Islamic Radicalism


This article is part of the Organization Trends series.

By Andrew E. Harrod

Summary: The terrorist-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) claims to be America’s largest civil rights organization for Muslims. But its agenda has more to do with the Islamization of America than with protecting Muslims from civil rights abuses.

Capital Research Center last examined the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and its aggressive, jihad terrorism-whitewashing Islamists in the August 2005 Organization Trends. CAIR statements and actions in recent years show that this organization, which sprang out of the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, has in no way changed its radical spots—a fact that ought to call into question its continuing respectability in media and politics.

The basics

Information about CAIR’s revenue sources is surprisingly difficult to come by. IRS filings reveal donations to CAIR by Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors ($30,000 since 2008), Silicon Valley Community Foundation ($90,000 since 2008), and Tides Foundation ($5,000 since 2002). CAIR is actually registered as CAIR Foundation Inc., a public charity recognized under section 501(c)(3) of the tax code. That entity reported a budget of $2,632,410 in 2014 and gross receipts of $2,355,032. It also claims to have had 28 employees in 2014 and 40 volunteers. Many of CAIR’s state and local chapters are separately incorporated as nonprofits.

CAIR was founded in 1994 by Nihad Awad, Omar Ahmad, and Rafeeq Jaber. The three men were linked to the Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP), which was established by senior Hamas operative Mousa Abu Marzook and created to serve as Hamas’ public relations and recruitment arm in the United States. CAIR opened an office in Washington, D.C., by using a $5,000 grant from the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF), a charity that the Bush administration closed down in 2001 for collecting money “to support the Hamas terror organization.” Continue reading →

Venezuela embraces haute socialist cuisine: humans


In the workers’ paradise known as the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, prisoners have been eating each other.

As Breitbart News reports

The parents of multiple late prisoners in the western state of Táchira, Venezuela, say the government did nothing to stop a notorious cannibal from killing and eating their children – and forcing other prisoners to eat human flesh or face the same fate.

The cases do not appear to be a product of the growing threat of famine in the socialist nation, though prisoners in many prisons have reportedly resorted to killing and eating stray cats to survive. Instead, it appears the government has done nothing to contain the perverse behavior of a prisoner known as “The People-Eater,” who is believed to have killed and eaten 40 people before being arrested.

“More than 40 prisoners attacked him,” Carlos Herrera, father of prisoner Juan Carlos Herrera, told reporters this week. “They stabbed him and hung him to bleed him out. Mr. Dorancel, known as ‘The People-Eater,’ was the one who butchered him to feed him to all the prisoners in the Táchira prison.” Dorancel Vargas is currently serving a prison sentence for cannibalism.

“Whoever did not do it [eat the flesh]… would be beaten, their fingers would be cut off, their legs broken, lungs perforated, they would have their heads smashed in with hammers,” Herrera continued. “It was atrocious and disastrous what those people lived in there.”

So it’s true that the revolution eventually eats its own.

Big Government Tactics 101: Save the Children!


Today, the same tactics used to squeeze cash from Big Tobacco in the 1990s are being brought to bear on electronic cigarettes, increasing e-cigs’ costs and restricting access.

Senators and witnesses accused e-cig manufacturers of targeting children at a hearing two years ago. They argued e-cigarettes had been advertised during the Super Bowl, and witnesses cited an advertisement on a woman’s bikini bottom in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. You know, kid stuff.

Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) accused the industry of targeting kids by putting flavors in their e-cigs, apparently basing her theory on the idea that adults want their e-cigs to be flavorless. One of those flavors allegedly targeting kids: piña colada.

Regulators ignore the fact that industry has proceeded carefully, conducting campaigns to block access to e-cigs for children, and limited its advertising to media and events with audiences that are at least 85 percent adult.

This tactic – regulators claiming they want to protect children — is how bureaucrats and activists took down Big Tobacco. The charge then was that Joe Camel advertisements were for children, because Joe was a cartoon, and cartoons are for children. By that logic, the Michelin Man and Erin Esurance are trying to sell tires and insurance to kids.

But logic has never been important to Big Government regulators who know that they can implement their worldview under the guise of child safety.

This blog post was adapted from the October edition of Capital Research Center’s “Green Watch,” by Dr. Steven J. Allen

Hillary doesn’t lie, according to Hillary: How the fact-checkers blew “open borders”


[Continuing our series on deception in politics and public policy.]

It appears that “fact-checkers” have one thing in common: They lie.

The latest evidence comes from documents released by WikiLeaks revealing Hillary Clinton’s private speech for Brazilian bankers, for which she was paid $225,000 by Itau BBA, a unit of Itau Unibanco Holding, Brazil’s largest private-sector bank. Her remarks followed by eight months a speech by Bill Clinton for which the Brazilian bankers paid a reported $400,000.

In her remarks, dated May 16, 2013, Clinton said that she believes in open borders. “My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders . . . ,” she said, as quoted in the WikiLeaks document. (She does not deny making the comment.)

That represents a problem for the fact-checkers. Every one of the major fact-checking organizations reported, as a matter of objective, undeniable fact, that Clinton is not in favor of open borders. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, his running mate Mike Pence, and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, a Trump advisor, have all been branded by the fact-checkers as liars (or, at least, makers of false claims) for asserting that Clinton is for open borders. Now we know that, in 2013, Clinton told bankers in a private forum that open borders were her “dream.”

While it is possible that has changed her mind since the bankers’ event, or that, for some reason, her policies aren’t intended to help her pursue her “dream,” or that she lied to the bankers, we know that Trump’s, Pence’s, and Giuliani’s accusations may be true—indeed, probably are true. A reasonable belief cannot be classified objectively as a falsehood. Therefore, the fact-checkers’ labeling of their comments as falsehoods is, itself, a lie.

And they, the fact-checkers, all told the same lie.

The fact-checkers cannot effectively defend themselves on the ground that they were expressing opinions, because the sole purpose of fact-checking is to compare claims to objective facts.

Together with recent revelations that the New York Times gave Clinton a veto over quotes, that CNBC’s John Harwood gave advice to the Clinton campaign, that CNN town hall questions were leaked to the Clinton people, that the Clinton campaign hosted a cocktail party/dinner for 37 journalists that was not publicly reported—along with other recent disclosures about unethical behavior by the news media—the fact that the fact-checkers lied is of great significance, exposing a pattern of corruption that is astonishing in scope.

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Twitter delenda est


Twitter proves once again that it is a rotten organization that suppresses views with which it disagrees.

Twitter locked investigative journalist James O’Keefe III of Project Veritas out of his account for a ridiculous reason.

According to Project Veritas:

After releasing two viral videos over the last two days, Project Veritas Founder and President James O’Keefe is no longer allowed to access his Twitter account. According to Twitter, he is blocked from accessing his account for twelve hours, at which point they reserve the right to make him pass additional hurdles to access his account.

On Tuesday, O’Keefe released a video which shows Manhattan Democratic Election Commissioner Alan Schulkin admitting that voter fraud does indeed exist.

On Wednesday, O’Keefe released a video which shows a male Hillary Clinton staffer stating: “To be fired I would have to grab Emma’s [female coworker] ass twice and she would have to complain about it, I would have to sexually harass someone.”

The second video also showed the campaign worker stating that he could rip up Republican voter registration forms and not be reprimanded.

O’Keefe received an email from Twitter at 7:59 PM EST on October 12, 2016 stating the following:

Hi James O’Keefe,
Your account @JamesOKeefeIII has been locked.

Please go to Twitter now to fix the issue with your account.

Following the link provided by Twitter only took O’Keefe to their rules page but didn’t offer any additional helpful information.


This is not only hypocrisy — Twitter allows pornographic images and videos showing actual sexual activities — it is digital fascism.

Twitter is openly, unabashedly partisan.

Our May 2016 Foundation Watch by Lane Davis and Milo Yiannopoulos examined how Twitter and other social media enforce left-wing ideology. The primary funder of this evil is the left-wing John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.

Twitter’s days are numbered.

California has Planned Parenthood’s back


The abortion-obsessed left-wingers in California’s government don’t forgive and forget.

On September 30 Gov. Jerry Brown (D) signed into law an oddball measure that outlaws the dissemination of secret recordings with health care providers, the Washington Times reports.

The legislation is a direct response to the Center for Medical Progress video series, which captured top Planned Parenthood officials discussing the trade of fetal body parts with undercover investigators. But David Daleiden, who heads the CMP, said the law shouldn’t apply to his work.

“The Center for Medical Progress never recorded ‘confidential’ communications, so California’s existing recording law and the new distribution provision are simply inapplicable to our work,” Mr. Daleiden said in a statement. “However, it is clear that Planned Parenthood does not want to be held accountable to the public whose taxpayer money it gladly takes by the hundreds of millions, and will even attack freedom of speech and the freedom of the press in order to maintain its own arbitrary levels of secrecy.”

So much for First Amendment speech protections in the Golden State.


Jeanne Mancini, president of the March for Life, profiled Planned Parenthood in the October 2015 issue of Organization Trends.

The White House’s Iran Treaty Echo Chamber


By Neil Maghami

This article is part of the Foundation Watch Series.

Summary: The role of left-wing nonprofits in advancing the political goals of liberal and progressive elected officials is well known. Our understanding of this dynamic has taken a giant step forward, however, thanks to recent revelations about links between the White House and sympathetic tax-exempt groups and foundations working to advance President Obama’s Iran agenda.

Speechwriting is known as the “silent profession,” in that its practitioners typically do not talk about their work on behalf of politicians, CEOs, and other public figures. Apparently no one ever explained that to White House staffer Ben Rhodes (pictured above).

Rhodes’s official title is “Assistant to the President and Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications and Speechwriting.” In early May, the New York Times Magazine published an interview with a very un-silent Rhodes. David Samuels, the author, quoted Rhodes congratulating himself on the success of the public relations campaign that accompanied President Obama’s long effort for a nuclear arms control deal with Iran—including a public battle in late 2015 with senators skeptical of the Iran treaty.

Obama’s shift on Iran was years in the making. The president signaled his readiness to negotiate with Iran as early as June 2009, when the White House quietly sent a letter to Supreme Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the Islamic Republic’s spiritual leader, reportedly indicating an openness for renewed diplomatic contact.

One of the more explosive excerpts from Rhodes’s interview with Samuels reads as follows:

In the spring of last year, legions of arms-control experts began popping up at think tanks and on social media, and then became key sources for hundreds of often-clueless reporters. “We created an echo chamber,” [Rhodes] admitted, when I asked him to explain the onslaught of freshly minted experts cheerleading for the deal. “They were saying things that validated what we had given them to say.” (emphasis added) Continue reading →

Behind Trump’s philanthropy, or lack thereof


Behind Trump’s philanthropy, or lack thereof
By Martin Morse Wooster
Senior Fellow, Capital Research Center

(originally posted at Philanthropy Daily)

Like most newspapers, the Washington Post does not have any reporter whose beat is philanthropy—until this year, when David A. Fahrenthold became the Donald Trump philanthropy reporter.

In an interview with the Washington Post’s Chris Cilizza, Fahrenthold said that the Post’s executive editor, Martin Baron, “stopped me in the elevator one (primary) debate night and suggested we look into the Trump Foundation specifically. I also became interested in researching Trump’s broader history of charity. If this was how he would act under the microscope of a presidential campaign, how had he acted in past years, back when nobody was looking?”

Baron was right to assign Fahrenthold to this beat. Trump has repeatedly boasted how generous he is. It appears that generosity is part of Trump’s brand. Moreover, it’s the responsibility of the press to thoroughly vet every major candidate.

I’ve looked at Fahrenthold’s reporting. If he were a baseball player, he would have scored a grand slam, a single, and a lot of foul balls.

Let’s look at what Fahrenthold has discovered.

  1. Fahrenthold’s grand slam is that nearly every claim Donald Trump has made about giving vast sums to charity is bogus. Over the past six months, both Trump and his children have repeatedly said that Trump is an incredibly generous guy, but there’s no evidence that he made any of the massive gifts he is alleged to have made.

For example, in October 2015 he was introduced at a rally at the Treasure Island casino in Las Vegas where the casino’s owner, Phil Ruffin, announced that Trump had made a $20 million gift to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. Trump stood and smiled and accepted the applause of the crowd.

Fahrenthold looked into the matter. A spokesman for the hospital said they had not announced a gift and it was their policy (which is the correct one) not to disclose their donors. There is no other evidence that such a donation was ever made.

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The Brocktopus may be illegally coordinating with Clinton campaign

David Brock, founder of Correct the Record, speaks at the Clinton School of Public Service in Little Rock, Ark., Tuesday, March 25, 2014. (AP Photo/Danny Johnston)

A hacked document published by Wikileaks shows what could constitute illegal coordination between Hillary Clinton’s campaign and groups run by left-wing slime merchant and admitted serial liar David Brock.

The leak came after the Campaign Legal Center filed a legal complaint with the Federal Election Commission accusing the Clinton campaign of unlawfully illegally coordinating its activities with Correct the Record, a super PAC that is part of the notorious Brocktopus. (The neologism refers to Brock’s ultra-sleazy network of activist organizations including the vile Media Matters for America.)

Correct the Record, a rapid response team created expressly to help Hillary, reportedly gave almost $6 million in in-kind donations to the campaign that took the form of coordinated expenditures which might violate federal law. The PAC vowed to spend $1 million for “push back” against users posting negative comments about Clinton on the social media sites Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and Instagram.

The leaked emails paint quite a picture.

As the Washington Free Beacon reports:

Campaign staffers have discussed sharing fundraising information with Priorities USA, the most prominent Super PAC on the Democratic side, courting potential Priorities donors, and having Clinton personally thank high-dollar contributors, according to emails to and from campaign chairman John Podesta and another campaign staffer.

Most of the emails were posted on the website Wikileaks after hackers breached Podesta’s personal email account. U.S. intelligence and law enforcement agencies believe that the hackers responsible for the breach are taking directions from high-level Russian government officials.

Brocktopus arm Priorities USA, another super PAC, has gone through $130 million promoting Hillary and other Democrat candidates in the current election cycle.

Donors to Priorities USA include George Soros, Jim Simons, Fred Eychaner, Donald Sussman, Haim Saban, and Daniel Abraham.