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Zuck Bucks and Following the Money

On Monday, Scott Walter was interviewed on the Daily Clout by Dr. Naomi Wolf, where he explained how billions of dollars are flowing to corrupt, partisan “nonprofits”—including vast sums from Mark Zuckerberg, known by insiders as “Zuck bucks.” These nonprofits sound innocuous, but they combine the power of Big Tech companies with get-out-the-vote efforts, using Big Tech data to microtarget voters for political purposes. As Dr. Wolf noted, “This is a way to game the elections directly.”

Dr. Wolf’s reaction during one part of the interview was particularly noteworthy:

Can I jump in because I’m literally getting chills. I’m in shock. I’m in shock because I’ve bought political advertising through Facebook. They ask question that identify exactly who’s likely to vote for each candidate, and you can microtarget to like I want a woman of color in her forties in a city.

You know you don’t have to say “Dem,” and it’s illegal to say “Dem” probably. But you can microtarget so carefully that the odds of getting a Democrat are probably 95 percent. And we help people do that in order to drive an outcome for Democrats. And we did it through Facebook advertising.

So I don’t know what kind of wall there is between Facebook data and these nonprofits you’re describing and the election mechanism. But I’m telling you right now that unless there’s no permeation at all this is a way to game the elections directly.

Watch the entire interview:

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