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Who’s Driving Wokeness in Schools? The Story of NAIS and The Undercover Mothers

If you thought your children were safe from the Left’s culture war in a private school, think again. Across America, a pandemic of “woke” ideology is quietly spreading through privately run schools and colleges supposedly shielded from government control.

Proponents may call this new teaching “diversity, equity, and inclusion” (DEI), but that’s a euphemism for a dark agenda: inculcating kids with the Left’s malicious obsession with race. Far from promoting independent thought, it’s a campaign to crush dissent and rewrite history while teaching children to hate one another for the color of their skin.

The public is almost completely unaware of how activists are indoctrinating America’s youth with transgenderism, racial segregation, and other far-left “virtues”—and still would be, if not for the efforts of a handful of courageous moms bent on exposing the truth.

Meet Undercover Mothers, a group of roughly 100 volunteer moms and dads from across the nation engaged in some of the finest investigative journalism happening today. These Undercover Mothers are fighting in the trenches to defeat the radical Left’s agenda that’s taken over our schools. If they succeed, it’d mean nothing less than saving America’s nonprofit schools—and the students they teach—from the radical Left.