Terrorist Bill Ayers Now a HuffPo Columnist

Attempted mass murderer Bill Ayers is now a columnist at the Huffington Post. In his January 2 column he bloviated on cabinet picks he would have made.

If Ayers is good enough for the HuffPo, we have some suggestions for new columnists.

How about Charles Manson? Charlie could offer his ruminations on the state of mass culture and popular music. Osama bin Laden might be a good fit too. Bin Laden could join the other HuffPosters in lecturing Americans on their evil, materialistic ways. And don’t forget Theodore Kaczynski (a.k.a. The Unabomber) who could review the latest technological gadgets to go on the market. Finally, Lynne Stewart, convicted terrorist enabler, would be an excellent addition as a legal advice columnist.

Matthew Vadum

The author of Subversion Inc.: How Obama’s ACORN Red Shirts are Still Terrorizing and Ripping Off American Taxpayers (WND Books, 2011), Vadum writes and speaks widely on ACORN and other radical advocacy…
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