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Teen Vogue: Training Young Female Leftists

Teen Vogue is a political publication, with writers who have policy objectives and ties to political organizations. For example, Allegra Kirkland, the politics director of Teen Vogue, was previously a reporter (and later senior editor) at Talking Points Memo, a left-biased news website, where she covered “extremist groups, voting rights, and the Trump administration.” Colleen Hamilton, a contributor to Teen Vogue and author of the article “Healthcare for Trans Kids: How Parents Are Fighting to Get Their Children the Care They Need,” reports on “grassroots movements for social justice, queer liberation.”

Teen Vogue employs writers with left-leaning political experience, and they are cultivating readers who could become the next generation of employees at organizations like NextGen America and March for Our Lives. If your teen is reading Teen Vogue, be aware that the content they are consuming includes highly political and sexual articles.