September Publications Now Online

The September editions of Capital Research Center’s four monthly newsletters are out. Here they are:

Foundation Watch

Inside the Disinformation Machine: A Look at the Left’s New Media Operation, by Matthew Sheffield and Noel Sheppard

If you think the media has a liberal bias today, wait until you see what the left has in store for America’s future. Extremist billionaires, “netroots” activists, and nonprofit pressure groups are creating a new media network. Through blog journalism, they aim to discredit the media outposts of the right while remaking the Internet in their own image.

Organization Trends

Do We Have the Will to Drill? Environmentalists’ New Strategy to Kill Energy Exploration, by Danny Smith

The debate over energy and environmental policy has taken a surprising turn. With gasoline hovering around $4 a gallon, environmental groups are on the defensive. Americans want lower gas prices but environmentalists want to use high fuel prices to force dramatic changes on society. Many greens continue to oppose all new energy production, but the major environmental groups have a new strategy. They think their allies in Congress can convince the public that more oil won’t lower gas prices.

Labor Watch

Union Pension Funds Go Green: But It’s Not the Color of Money, by Ivan Osorio

Organized labor officials are using their control over union pension funds to promote their own political agenda at the expense of rank-and-file union members. By promoting shareholder resolutions that advance environmentalist causes, among other “progressive” goals -as part of the unions’ “corporate campaign” strategy-unions are building a stronger political coalition, but they may be violating their fiduciary responsibility to their own members and putting workers’ retirement security at risk.

Compassion & Culture

A Visitor to Ethiopia: Discovering New Sources of Compassion, by Marvin Olasky

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