Foundation Watch

Scary CSPI Steals Candy from Babies!

This Halloween night Capital Research Center wants to remind you that scary organizations like The Center for Science in the Public Interest don’t want you or your children to enjoy a night of sugar-filled fun.

Instead CSPI, a non-profit food watchdog group, wants you to hand out “spooky plastic rings” and “temporary tattoos” in lieu of Baby Ruths or Crunch Bars thereby ensuring the arrival of some fresh toilet paper in your tree by tomorrow morning. (See CSPI’s press release here in PDF form).

The creepy CSPI recommends that parents have their children “save 5 treats to eat over the next 5 days” rather than let excited children enjoy their candy.

CSPI doesn’t seem to realize that most parents are sensible enough not to allow their children to gorge themselves on candy year round, but that’s to be expected from an organization that wants to dictate what you should be allowed to eat.