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Left-Wing Financiers Stand by CAIR After Pro-Hamas Remarks

The top foundations financing the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) are refusing to rule out future support of CAIR even after the Capital Research Center alerted them to its executive director’s public celebration of Hamas’s October 7 attack on Israel and the Biden Administration’s subsequent disavowal of CAIR.

CAIR’s Funders

In December, the Capital Research Center collaborated with Focus on Western Islamism to determine which nonprofit organizations have provided the most funding to CAIR based on public records from 2010 to 2022. Our research identified the 20 biggest providers, almost all of which are left-wing and one has an Islamist background.

Last month, we contacted those financiers with the exception of the MarJac Foundation because it does not have an online presence or public form for contacting the organization. The group is closely linked to the U.S.-based Muslim Brotherhood network, so it’s unfathomable that it would permanently sever its financial ties to CAIR.

We asked each organizations for an official statement about whether they’d continue to fund CAIR in light of the recent developments. Only one responded, and even that response was a dodgy non-answer: The San Francisco Foundation said it “works with donors to support approximately 3,000 nonprofit organizations each year.” Our follow-up question asking for a direct answer was ignored.

These grantors and donor-advised funds are now fully aware of how CAIR’s leader celebrated the October 7 massacre of 1,200 Israelis and kidnapping of approximately 250. They know that the Biden White House condemned CAIR for it. Still, they refuse to rule out financing the pro-Hamas group in the future. They won’t even answer inquiries about the issue.

Ignorance can no longer be an excuse.

CAIR’s Top 20 Funders

Below are the top 20 grantors to CAIR:

  1. American Online Giving Foundation: $1,637,087
  2. Silicon Valley Community Foundation: $1,499,447
  3. Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund: $1,474,868
  4. California Endowment: $785,604
  5. Schwab Charitable Fund: $782,178
  6. California Community Foundation: $781,065
  7. Sierra Health Foundation: $637,558
  8. Tides Foundation: $631,300
  9. Weingart Foundation: $602,950
  10. WK Kellogg Foundation: $500,000
  11. San Francisco Foundation: $494,000
  12. Network for Good: $489,800
  13. MarJac Foundation: $450,000
  14. Charities Aid Foundation: $406,000
  15. California Wellness Foundation: $350,000
  16. All Hands on Deck Network (now named Movement Voter Project): $348,240
  17. Columbus Foundation: $336,250
  18. American Endowment Foundation: $315,600
  19. Levi Strauss Foundation: $310,000
  20. Orange County Community Federation: $301,255

Double Standard

The shockingly immoral (and illiberal) stances of these mostly left-wing funders reflect a disturbing double standard.

If these organizations were pressed to stop funding groups that openly and indisputably espouse white supremacism or that celebrate the killing of blacks or transgenders, does anyone doubt that they would accede to the demand?

Yet in this case, these funders give a pass to a group with a history of ties to Islamist extremists and that celebrates the killing of Israeli civilians by a Jew-hating genocidal terrorist organization.

Why is anti-Semitism considered more tolerable than racism or anti-LGBT bigotry?



Ryan Mauro

Ryan Mauro is an investigative researcher for Capital Research Center. He is also an adjunct professor at Regent University and the former Director of Intelligence…
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