Sally Pipes on Why Universal Health Care Will Kill You

President Obama is promising universal health care for Americans.

God help us.

Sally Pipes, president of the Pacific Research Institute, explained on the “Mark Levin Show” last night why government health care has been a disaster everywhere it’s been tried and would be a catastrophe for the United States.

Americans hate standing in line and they won’t tolerate the health care rationing the government is planning to impose on Americans.

“They don’t like standing at line at the post office, as you know, Mark, they don’t like standing in line at the DMV. When the government takes over their health care, they’ll be standing in line waiting for care,” said Pipes, a native Canadian who knows whereof she speaks.

Canadians, Pipes pointed out, come to the United States to seek treatment instead of dying on Canadian government waiting lists.

The Pipes interview begins at 36:07 on the MP3 file which is available here.

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Matthew Vadum

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