October Publications Now Online

Capital Research Center’s October publications have been posted. They are:

Organization Trends

Demonizing Subprime Lenders: Liberal Groups Oppose Consumer Choice
By Melanie Sans and Matthew Vadum
When a major subprime mortgage lender collapsed earlier this year liberal advocacy groups went on the attack. Claiming that the subprime industry is “predatory” when it lends money to people who have low incomes or bad credit, the critics demand a federal crackdown. Lenders reply that subprime loans help less creditworthy borrowers buy homes and cars and even necessities like groceries when a borrower can’t wait for the next paycheck. They say they must charge higher interest rates because they assume a greater financial risk. But these arguments fall on deaf ears. Left-wing advocacy groups see an opportunity to bash the industry—and they are taking it.

Foundation Watch

The Donor Has the Final Say: Martin Morse Wooster on Donors, Foundations and Philanthropy
Friends and supporters of the Capital Research Center turned out to honor CRC senior fellow Martin Morse Wooster upon the publication of a new edition of his exemplary book, The Great Philanthropists and the Problem of ‘Donor Intent.’ CRC president Terry Scanlon hosted a cocktail reception and book-signing for Wooster on June 20 at the Center’s headquarters building in Washington, D.C.

Labor Watch

Unions Grasp For Influence Over Private Equity
By Ivan Osorio
When private equity firms buy up companies they expect to avoid shareholder pressure campaigns—especially those devised by labor unions. Or so they hope.

Compassion & Culture

St. Luke’s Free Medical Clinic: Serving the Working Poor of Warren County, VA
By Connie Marshner
Founded in 1996, St. Luke’s Free Medical Clinic serves Warren County, Virginia’s low-income, uninsured, and underinsured, providing medical, dental, pharmaceutical, and mental health services at little or no cost. The clinic, which receives no federal funding, leverages donations, providing $19 of care for every dollar taken in.

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