November Publications Online

Capital Research Center’s November publications are now online. They are as follows:

Organization Trends
The HPV Vaccine: Government Mandates and Parental Rights
By Jana Erwin
Parents believe they have the right to decide what medical treatments are best for their children. But state lawmakers think otherwise because of a disease that has become both a feminist and a public health cause celebre. Across America lawmakers want to compel young girls to be inoculated against human papillomavirus (HPV) years before most become sexually active because there is a chance it can cause cervical cancer. Is replacing parental judgment with mandates by lawmakers and courts good for society?

Foundation Watch
Google.org: Reaching for Utopia
By John Reosti
Google is a public company that operates the amazingly successful online search engine. Its founders have decided to create a philanthropic arm for the company called Google.org. Their aim is to change the world by fighting poverty, reversing global warming, and landing a robot on the moon. But if the company ever runs into financial trouble, will its shareholders still appreciate the founders’ grandiose projects?

Labor Watch
Unions Want U.N. Affiliate to Decide U.S. Labor Policy
By Doug Bandow
When unions can’t win collective bargaining agreements at home, they look to U.N. agencies abroad. The AFL-CIO has a preferred legal venue—the International Labor Organization (ILO)—when Congress and the courts don’t see it their way.

Compassion & Culture
Chicago’s Pacific Garden Mission: 130 Years of Authentic Compassion
By Elias Crim
Chicago’s Pacific Garden Mission has been serving the poor since 1877. At its new location it will be able to provide men’s and women’s services under one roof while accommodating about 25% more people (up to 900) per night. It receives no public support of any kind, operating entirely on private donations.

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