New “Giving Review” at Philanthropy Daily

An independent analysis of, and commentary about, philanthropy

The Giving Review, a new part of Philanthropy Daily, is offering that which its three co-editors think is an underrepresented worldview in the public discourse about philanthropy in America.

The co-editors are:  William A. Schambra, a senior fellow of the Hudson Institute, where he directed the Bradley Center for Philanthropy and Civic Renewal before his retirement; Daniel P. Schmidt, retired vice president of The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation; and Michael E. Hartmann, a senior fellow of the Capital Research Center and director of its Center for Strategic Giving.  Once colleagues on Bradley’s program staff, the three collectively have about three quarters of a century’s worth of experience in aggressive, effective, policy-oriented philanthropy.

“The landscape of online platforms featuring timely, independent analysis and commentary about philanthropic giving is becoming noticeably more crowded. We think this is a good and healthy thing,” the co-editors write in an introduction to The Giving Review.

We “want in on it,” they continue. “With our substantial practical philanthropic experience—and hopefully, wisdom—we are modestly trying to join Philanthropy Daily in bringing another worldview engagingly to bear on some of the discussion.”

The Giving Review’s “Current” section will offer commentary on the news of the day. Its “Opinion” section will feature essays, ideas, and reflections on giving. “Reviews” will look at noteworthy, books, reports, and research on giving. “Conversations” will present interviews of prominent figures in the philanthrosphere. And “Collections” will compile notable, previously published content on various philanthropic themes.

The Giving Review is a joint project of Philanthropy Daily and the Center for Strategic Giving at the Capital Research Center.