Libya’s Philanthropy in Action

The disgusting welcome of the Lockerbie bomber to Libya is a reminder of the immorality of international politics. Here is a photo of Saif al Islam Gaddafi, the son of Libyan leader Moammar Qaddafi, welcoming the terrorist in Tripoli.  Here is another photo of Gaddafi as he signed an agreement last month with the London School of Economics giving it $2.5 million in support of LSE’s Centre for the Study of Global Governance, a program that claims to promote corporate social responsiblity.

The junior Gaddafi is a philanthropist. He is chairman of Gaddafi International Charity and Development Foundation, identified two years ago in a CRC paper by Eliza Gheorghe as a public relations gimmick to manipulate world opinion. It appears to be succeeding. The LSE’s statement accepting the foundation’s money says, “It is a generous donation from an NGO committed to human rights and the promotion of civil society.”

The British government disclaims responsibility for the terrorist Megrahi’s release, claiming it is all Scotland’s doing, notwithstanding that Peter Mandelson, heir apparent to Prime Minister Gordon Brown, met Gadaffi junior a week before the release. One can only hope the news media makes an effort to determine who benefits (and here) from this injustice.

Robert Huberty

Robert Huberty served as vice president of the Capital Research Center.
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