Labor Watch

Labor Day 2021

Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

—Lord Acton


On this Labor Day, we note some recent CRC publications that look at Big Labor and how its interest consistently clash with the interests of the workers that labor unions claim to represent.

  • Social Justice Unionism on the Ballot” by Michael Watson, July 15, 2021.
    “Voters need not look any further than their ballots to see that “social justice unionism” places Big Labor as a core pillar of a seamless cultural and economic agenda on the left.”
  • Big Labor Sues to Preserve the Specter of Lockdown” by Michael Watson, June 30, 2021.
    “As it so often does, Big Labor has taken official action to prove our point, by suing the federal government for not issuing an order requiring, among other things, compulsory masking of vaccinated workers in every physical workplace in the United States.”

Finally, here’s last year’s post for Labor Day, with two videos embedded:

  • Union Power” September 4, 2020.
    Last year, teachers unions were “using their death grip on the public school system to keep schools closed, despite the best interests of children, parents, American society, and perhaps even teachers.”
    “In this context—the ongoing farce of “distance learning”—two videos from CRC alumnus Dr. Steven J. Allen are illuminating in explaining how we got here.”

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