InfluenceWatch Podcast Episode #73: Major Union Embraces Communism

In this episode: the AFL-CIO breaks with its history and speaks in support of Marxists, Democrats push to expand union privileges for forced dues and expanded mass strikes, and Harvard ousts a criminal defense attorney from a deanship for working as a criminal defense attorney.


CRC: From Meany to No Middle Class: The Marxist Decline at the AFL-CIO

Commentary: Organized Labor Loses It

Epoch Times: Democrats Seek to Roll Back Right-to-Work Protections

CRC: Progressive Labor Plans to Drag U.S. Economy Back to 1946

InfluenceWatch: Labor Management Relations Act of 1947 (Taft-Hartley Act)

Foundation for Individual Rights in Education: Harvard law prof who agreed to represent Harvey Weinstein ousted as faculty dean

Reason: Harvard Caves to Student Mob, Fires Ronald Sullivan for Being Harvey Weinstein’s Lawyer

The Week: How a flare-up at Harvard Law could undermine legal rights for everybody else

Twitter: Charles C.W. Cooke’s post


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