InfluenceWatch Podcast #256: The Right to Self-Defense

The recent U.S. Supreme Court case New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen that curtailed a state’s ability to infringe on Americans’ right to carry publicly for their own defense. The Court’s decision has brought the 2nd Amendment fight back to the headlines as defenders celebrate and gun control activists plan to counter the ruling.

Larry Correia, a firearms expert and successful novelist, chose this time to write a nonfiction book called In Defense of the Second Amendment both to explain why winning this particular culture war is necessary and to dismantle arguments from the Left about gun control. He addresses everything from the importance of self-defense as a core tenet of free societies to the statistics about gun crime and gun ownership to the benefit of getting trained and involved in the fight against mass shooters and tyranny.

Mr. Correia joins the InfluenceWatch podcast this week to discuss his book.

Listen to “Episode 256: The Right to Self Defense” on Spreaker.

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