InfluenceWatch Podcast #177: Teachers Unions Running Wild

Our regular podcast host, CRC’s Research Director Mike Watson, is on vacation so CRC’s Director of Communications and External Relations Sarah Lee is filling in. We are thrilled to welcome Alleigh Marre to talk about a subject that is everywhere in the news right now and one of great importance to parents and school children. Marre leads the Free to Learn Coalition, a group that describes itself as a nonpartisan organization established to support parents, caregivers, and community organizations in their advocacy for quality K-12 education. Specifically, the coalition wants to make classrooms safe enough again that students are free to ask questions, free to develop individual thoughts and opinions, free to think critically of ideas and concepts, and free to achieve.

Listen to “Episode 177: Teachers Unions Running Wild (with guest Alleigh Marre)” on Spreaker.

  • Free To Learn Coalition: “Our Kids Deserve Better”
  • Capital Research Center: Teachers Unions Boost Critical Race Theory
  • InfluenceWatch: National Education Association
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