Influence Watch Podcast #124: Unpacking Black Lives Matter

In this episode, NBC’s factually challenged “News Verification Unit” tries to get a conservative website de-funded, Big Labor makes it harder to get fired for committing police brutality than for writing about it with less-than-impeccable left-progressive language, and we attempt to unpack the organizational structure of Black Lives Matter.

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  • Wall Street Journal: NBC Tries to Cancel a Conservative Website
  • National Review: NBC Appoints Itself Internet-Speech Arbiter
  • National Review: Hands off the Federalist
  • Daily Mail: The British NBC journalist and anti-cyber bullying charity ‘behind’ Google’s decision to demonetize Zero Hedge and threaten The Federalist
  • Fox News: British activists behind NBC News report pushing Google to demonetize The Federalist
  • Capital Research Center: Why It Can Be Easier to Get Fired for a Headline Than Police Brutality
  • Twitter: Neontaster’s Tweet
  • Influence Watch: Communications Workers of America
  • Capital Research Center: The Organizational Structure of Black Lives Matter
  • National Review: Black Lives Matter Keeps Getting More Radical — Will the Media Care?
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