Influence Watch Podcast #120: Solar and Wind Energy Myths Destroyed

In this episode, we’ll cover just how much Democrats love the things they profess to hate as we reveal they’ve outspent Republicans in the 2020 election cycle using “dark money” to pay for political ads; and discuss their recent embrace and affection for the devil they know, Super PACS.

Next, we’ll revisit the vote-by-mail furor and tell you just what states like Michigan and Pennsylvania are willing to do to make sure voters won’t need to cast an in-person vote in the 2020 election cycle thereby risking that some votes will never counted at all.

And finally, we’ll go over filmmaker Michael Moore’s surprising apostasy on the green energy issue in his new documentary, Planet of the Humans, a film in which the grandfather of liberal propaganda proves wind turbines and solar arrays aren’t up to the task of powering our current industrial civilization.


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Sarah Lee

Sarah Lee was born and raised in Atlanta, Ga., but found herself drawn to Washington, DC, the birthplace of her mother, after completing a master’s degree in public administration from…
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