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Hayden Ludwig Talks “Creation Care” on From the Stacks

When evangelicals lean left on environment, abortion, and poverty, who pushes them?

On From the Stacks on August 18, 2020, CRC’s Hayden Ludwig peeled back the curtain to show the funding sources behind many parts of the “evangelical creation care” movement. From the well-known Evangelical Environmental Network and Young Evangelicals for Climate Action to the less-known New Evangelical Partnership for the Common Good and the Au Sable Institute, left-leaning, professedly evangelical organizations are pushing climate alarmism and fear of overpopulation. The money trail for leads back to major players in the battle to shift America away from its Constitutional roots—while enticing Christians to embrace unscientific and unbiblical thinking.

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Hayden Ludwig

Hayden Ludwig is an Investigative Researcher at Capital Research Center. He is a native of Orange County, California, and holds a Master’s of Public Policy from George Mason University.
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