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Gov. Walker & the workers vs. the unions

At, I have a piece on Gov. Scott Walker, who has long fought to save people’s jobs, only to have unions oppose his efforts at every turn:

I heard Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker argue at a recent talk he gave at AEI to publicize his new book, Unintimidated: A Governor’s Story and a Nation’s Challengewritten with my former White House colleague Marc Thiessen.

In the book, the Governor explains how he first learned years ago, when serving as a county official, how callous the leaders of (tax-exempt) unions could be when economic circumstances endangered the jobs of the working men and women they claim to represent: “the unions would not give an inch during my time as county executive. They were perfectly willing to see hundreds, even thousands, of union workers lose their jobs in order to keep the prerogatives they had amassed for themselves. So much for ‘solidarity.'”

…  the unions viewed their generous pension and other benefits as sacrosanct, and if some people had to lose their jobs to maintain those lavish benefits, and if other people would never be able to get a job because no money would be left over to hire them, well, those poor schmucks would just have to sacrifice themselves on the altar of the status quo.

Read the whole article here.

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