Global Cooling Underway: Farmers Almanac

Casting aside the incessant hype from global warming alarmists like Al Gore, the Old Farmers Almanac is predicting that the planet is now entering an era of global cooling. According to an article in USA Today:

Based on the same time-honored, complex calculations it uses to predict weather, the Almanac hits the newsstands on Tuesday saying a study of solar activity and corresponding records on ocean temperatures and climate point to a cooler, not warmer, climate, for perhaps the next half century.

“We at the Almanac are among those who believe that sunspot cycles and their effects on oceans correlate with climate changes,” writes meteorologist and climatologist Joseph D’Aleo. “Studying these and other factor suggests that cold, not warm, climate may be our future.”

It remains to be seen, said Editor-in-Chief Jud Hale, whether the human impact on global temperatures will cancel out or override any cooling trend.

As the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Christopher C. Horner wrote in the April 2008 Organization Trends:

Global warming activists don’t even have the facts on their side. This flurry of activism comes despite the fact that warming peaked in 1998, there has been no net warming since 2001, and the atmosphere has actually shown a cooling trend of late, according to the government’s own data.

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