CRC’s September Publications

Below is a short description of our September publications with links included. Enjoy!

Congress is about to pass a “cap-and-trade” energy bill that claims to keep global warming in check by giving the federal government new controls over energy-users (i.e. you).  This month’s Organization Trends describes how the process works: First, a foundation (Hewlett) funds a “National Commission” that recommends policies for Congress to consider.  Then, Congress “acts.” The public is sure to lose when the fix is in and the special interests get their say.Congress is also considering a slew of bills pushed by labor unions requiring employers to pay the “prevailing wage” for various occupations. This month’s Labor Watch explains the reasons why that amount is always far more than the average wage:  It’s the triumph of politics over economics.

The September Foundation Watch looks at John Andrus, who made his fortune in mining, logging and real estate. Ninety years ago he created a foundation he named “Surdna” by reversing the letters in his name. Today, the Surdna Foundation has reversed Andrus’s priorities: It funds groups opposed to mining, logging and real estate.Finally, the September Compassion & Culture profiles a group called Free Wheelchair Mission, which has built and distributed 240,000 wheelchairs—at an average cost of $45 per wheelchair.  Regulations and liability laws prevent the group from serving the disabled in the U.S., but poor people around the world benefit from the charity’s remarkable accomplishment. Best regards.                                 

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