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Capital Research Center’s New Short Film Sheds Light on Pulitzer Prize–Winning ‘1619 Project’

The once-esteemed Pulitzer Prize Committee on Monday awarded New York Times’ investigative journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones, creator of the “1619 Project,” a prize for Commentary despite growing criticism over the revisionist-history polemic that seeks to cast the founding of America as an effort born of racism and slavery.

Capital Research Center, concerned for some time about the push to have the “1619 Project” included in school curricula, has responded with a short film produced by its Dangerous Documentaries media arm as part of the “Architects of Woke” series entitled, “The 1619 Project’s Fake History.” It calls out the egregious misrepresentation of the nation’s founding; which incidentally has been noticed by highly regarded historians such as James McPherson, Gordon Wood, Victoria Bynum, and James Oakes, and prominent African-Americans such as Bob Woodson of the Woodson Center.

Key points include:

  • This new history rests on a radical revision of America’s birth, including the claim that the Founders declared independence from Britain to protect slavery. That last claim, included in Hannah-James’ prize-winning essay, was based on teachings by revisionist historians like Gerald Horne, a professor who has a disturbing affinity for communist leaders and murderous dictators.
  • There was nothing like a universal acceptance of slavery among the founders. Many, in fact, vocally called the practice abhorrent and barbaric.
  • The Africans who arrived in Virginia in 1619, the year for which Hannah-Jones’ project is named, were not in fact slaves but indentured servants, who traded several years of their labor in exchange for the cost of their passage to America, where they believed they would have a better life. They were outnumbered in Virginia at the time by white indentured servants.
  • This kind of revisionist history is actually detrimental to the African American community because, as Bob Woodson notes, “nothing is more lethal to a people than to convey to them that it’s impossible for them to be agents of their own uplift.”

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