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Black Lives Matter and the Aftermath

Best of CRC 2021

Editor’s Note: For the remainder of 2021, the CRC blog will feature some of the best and most influential work produced by CRC. This is both to review some of the major successes and to give CRC staff a break before we start a new year of investigating the Left and exposing it widely.


In perhaps one of the greatest messaging coups of all time, the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation (BLMGNF) took the true statement that “black lives matter” and used it to create chaos and destroy the livelihoods of the very people it was professing to help.

Along the way, Capital Research Center has produced some groundbreaking research and analysis of the Black Lives Matter movement and the associated organizations.

And in BLM Aftermath, a new video series sponsored by Capital Research Center and filmed and produced by No Filters Media, we take a look at the movement’s effect, starting with Minneapolis one year after the protests following the death of George Floyd.

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Black Lives Matter Aftermath (series)