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An Interview with Trevor Loudon

On January 19, exactly one day before the U.S. Presidential Inauguration, the Capital Research Center under our new film brand, Dangerous Documentaries, released our film America Under Siege: Civil War 2017, which investigates the hidden radical roots and agenda of the #DisruptJ20 group that organized the protests on Inauguration Day. Those protests ended up turning into riots, leaving property damaged and nearly 100 arrested in Washington, D.C. Hidden camera footage we recorded investigating the group became the top story on FoxNews.com, and as of this writing the film has over 332,000 views online.

Trevor Loudon, a conservative author known for his investigation of Marxist influences in America, wrote and starred in the film. Below is an interview with him about the film and his research, conducted by myself, the film’s producer and founder of Dangerous Documentaries.

Jake: How did you get interested in the Marxist influence on society?

Trevor: It goes back to New Zealand, my native country. In the early 1980s, there was a massive debate in my country about going anti-nuclear. Eventually anti-nuclear legislation was passed in 1984, which banned U.S. warships from our harbors, which effectively ended the Australian-New Zealand-United States military alliance. It just destroyed it.  I interviewed a guy at the time who had infiltrated the New Zealand Communist Party for our security services, and he told me he had been to Moscow to train as a communist. He trained in 1983 at the Lenin Institute of Higher Learning in Moscow with more than 6,000 other students, and that is where they planned New Zealand’s anti-nuclear stand. They came up with a slogan, came up with a program, came up with every bit of publicity you would need, and that was taken back to New Zealand and infiltrated into New Zealand’s Labor Party, and the legislation was passed—and not one New Zealander in 4 million would have any idea that that legislation came from Moscow. So what he basically told me was that small Marxist groups, by controlling the labor unions, by controlling the peace movement—even churches can influence the mainstream political party in the country—can get communist style policy regularly adopted as the law of the land, and we see examples of that now with Obamacare, with immigration amnesty, the nuclear deal with Iran, socialization of students loans, etc.

He told me that small Marxist groups, by controlling the labor unions, by controlling the peace movement, can get communist style policy adopted as the law of the land.

Jake: As a New Zealander, how did you become so involved in American politics?

Trevor: When I did a deep study into communism, it became very apparent that America was the main enemy, the main target of the movement. This was back in the ’80s, and I continued research into the ’90s and into the 2000s, and I found that the American Democratic Party was basically—especially since 1994 when the Marxists took over the AFL-CIO, the American labor union movement—I found that the American Democratic Party had become under the total control and influence of the far Left. Most Americans know there are left leaners in Congress, but they don’t understand that basically they are setting the agenda. So, while I was doing that research I discovered the connection between the Hawaiian communist Frank Marshall Davis and the young Barack Obama. I also exposed the communist background of Van Jones, Barack Obama’s one-time green jobs guy. Glenn Beck used that information to get Van Jones kicked out of the White House—and now Jones is on CNN. But it was really a natural progression. If you want to understand where communism’s going, where it’s influential, you have to go to the main target. That is America. And most Americans would be absolutely shocked to know how deeply even today communist groups influence the Democratic Party, and by extension, influence the way Americans run their lives.

Jake: What are the most shocking things you’ve discovered in the history of your research?

Trevor: I’ve looked into the backgrounds of a whole bunch of Congress members, and I would say there are a hundred members of your House and 20 members of the U.S. Senate who are so enmeshed in neo-communism or Muslim Brotherhood front groups—or in many instances both—that they would have a hard time passing an FBI security check to even sell you stamps at the post office or drive a school bus, yet they’re serving on the Armed Services Committee, the Homeland Security Committee, the Judiciary Committee overseeing the FBI, the Intelligence Committee overseeing all 16 of your intelligence agencies. These are people basically working against America’s interests, and they can get away with it because there are no security checks in Congress whatsoever. You need an FBI security check to be a realtor or drive a school bus, but to serve on the Intelligence Committee of the House of Representatives or the Senate Intelligence Committee, you need zero. That to me was pretty damn shocking because it leaves America completely open to subversion by foreign enemies.

There are a hundred members of your House and 20 members of the U.S. Senate who are enmeshed in neo-communist or Muslim Brotherhood front groups.

Jake: If our readers were interested in finding out more about who those congressmen and senators are, where would they recommend in your work they go to find out that information?

Trevor: My book, The Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists, and Progressives in the U.S. Congress. That profiles 14 senators and 55 congressmen, which is by no means all of them, but it certainly gives a good indication of how this works and some of the key people involved.

Jake: You are the star of our film, which came out just a few weeks ago—America Under Siege: Civil War 2017—which is the first episode in what will be a five-part America Under Siege web series that will investigate the Marxist influence on various parts of American society. So could you tell me a little bit about how you got interested in film?

We hope to shock Americans even more deeply as we uncover a whole bunch of other areas in America that have been penetrated by this country’s enemies.

Trevor: I was always interested in film. My original intent when I left high school was to go to fine arts school in New Zealand and study film, but I never quite got around to it. I got into business and had a family and it sort of flew by the wayside, but then I started writing books and I knew that I could tour the United States selling them and talking to people doing radio interviews, and I was reaching thousands of people, but I wanted to reach hundreds of thousands of people. I met Judd Saul [the film’s director] at a conservative conference in Texas. We developed a rapport, and he pitched the idea to me of doing a movie on The Enemies Within. So we spent two years on that project, and it kindled my interest in film as a medium for reaching a lot of people because, unfortunately, even most conservative media out there doesn’t really understand the depth of penetration that’s happening. So I grabbed at that opportunity and your [America Under Siege] opportunity to reach hundreds of thousands of people—millions of people—to increase awareness of just how deeply this system is penetrated. Through our coming series we hope to shock Americans even more deeply as we uncover a whole bunch of other areas in America that have been penetrated by this country’s enemies.

Jake: For our readers who haven’t yet seen the film Civil War 2017, what are the most important discoveries in the film our readers should know about?

Trevor: The media narrative has always been “these are spontaneous events.” We saw a lot of protests in the election cycle, mainly against Donald Trump. We’ve seen protests at the inauguration, and now we’re seeing protests at Trump’s executive order on Islamic immigration. This is a movement that’s gathering pace, but the media keeps telling us that this is just spontaneous, these are people worried about evil forces, these are just concerned citizens making a point. Well what we’ve discovered—and this is backed up by James O’Keefe [of Project Veritas] and his work—we discovered that these protests are all orchestrated by professional revolutionaries; these are people with ties to North Korea, to Iran, to Venezuela, to Cuba, and some of these people have been at this since the Vietnam War. And there are two key groups who have been working these events—one is the Workers World Party, which is a Stalinist group, and the other is their ally the Freedom Road Socialist Organization, which is a Maoist group. But what was most shocking to me was that these groups were not just allies to Venezuela and countries like that, some of their leaders were actually close allies of Putin’s Russia—these people who were supporting Putin’s Russia, going to Putin’s Russia, were active leaders of the anti-Trump movement. Americans are being told that Russia influenced the election to Trump’s benefit, so the fact that the Russians are supporting the leadership of the anti-Trump movement shows that either Russia is playing both sides or maybe the influence of Russia in the election was a little exaggerated. I don’t know, but there’s clear evidence that Russia is supporting some of the top leaders of the anti-Trump protest movement.

Jake: Given the foreign Marxist influence in modern American politics, what, if anything, do you think our government should do about this issue?

Trevor: I think as one of the interviewees said in the movie, Donald Trump is charged with guarding the U.S. Constitution: that’s his oath of office. And that means to guard America’s Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic. Now, America’s great at sending its guns and soldiers in uniform overseas to fight foreign enemies, but has completely dropped the ball when it comes to domestic enemies.  Donald Trump has got to start—and the public pressure has to be built—to reestablish congressional committees, to reestablish security bodies, and to re-empower the FBI to actually go after subversive elements in the country, to investigate the Muslim Brotherhood, to investigate the terrorists supporting communist groups. Some of the separatist groups in Texas and California are also being supported by the Russians. We didn’t call this Civil War 2017 for nothing. We have discovered that there is a strong terrorist-backed, Russian-backed, Venezuela-backed network in America of professional revolutionaries who are driving Black Lives Matter, the protests at Standing Rock in North Dakota, all of this discontent to create mayhem on American streets. They want to create Fergusons all over to divide this country, because America’s enemies can’t take on America directly, but they can take you on internally. We’re calling on Mr. Trump to designate the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization, which would allow the FBI to go after a lot of their front groups. We want to raise public awareness so the public will understand that the security services need to crack down on some of these communist elements. One of the communist groups involved in this, Freedom Road Socialist Organization, had 23 members of its group arrested in 2010 by the FBI for supporting terrorist groups in Palestine and Latin America. They were raided, a whole bunch of stuff was confiscated, and Obama’s Justice Department did nothing with those cases for seven years. But the fact that they were raided because the FBI had an informant inside their organization shows how dangerous these groups potentially are. It also shows that the government has had no willingness at all to go after them. We need to put public pressure on Mr. Trump to make sure he changes that. This movie is designed to help make people aware of just how dangerous these groups are, and how they’re not indigenous, they’re not home grown, they are directed by hostile foreign powers against this country.

Jake: Any final thoughts you want to leave our readers with?

Trevor: I urge you to stay tuned to the Capital Research Center’s website, because we’ll be announcing further plans for movies which will be equally as compelling as the one we’ve just released. We’re going to tell the truth about these subversive elements. Nobody’s been doing this for years, and I think most Americans are going to be shocked at what they see exposed in the coming months.

Our film America Under Siege: Civil War 2017 can be seen for free online at DangerousDocumentaries.com.

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