Canadian Socialist Says Canada’s Socialist Medical System Didn’t Kill Natasha Richardson

In the Vancouver Sun, a physician who belongs to a socialist group is, not surprisingly, defending Canada’s socialist health care system that allows sick people to linger and die untreated every day. From the top of the article:

Some Montreal doctors added a dose of realism Saturday to the fiery debate south of the border that asked if Canada’s “socialized medicine” killed actress Natasha Richardson after she hit her head skiing on Mont Tremblant March 16.

“Canadacare may have killed Natasha,” screamed a headline in the New York Post. “Was Canada’s healthcare the problem?”asked another in the Chicago Tribune.

The implication “is totally unjustified,” said Paul Saba, an emergency room doctor at Lachine Hospital and co-president of the Coalition of Physicians for Social Justice.

He flatly rejected the notion that a lack of funding for overall public health care contributes to fatal head injuries like the one that claimed the life of Richardson, the wife of actor Liam Neeson and the daughter of legendary actress Vanessa Redgrave. […]

Paul Saba, the Canadian emergency room doctor, is co-president of the Coalition of Physicians for Social Justice and should therefore not be believed. Patients could be needlessly suffering and dying all around him and he wouldn’t care — as long as everyone was being treated equally, he’d be happy.

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  1. If we had national health care, the USA would be pretty much perfect as far as I’m concerned. Okay there are a lot of problems but so many would dissolve once this got enacted. As it is, despite preferring to live here, I always get a nostalgic pang when I return to my birth country (UK–now US citizen) with my daughter. She gets sick like small children do. When we’re in the UK I see her getting top treatment and free drugs, anywhere, any time of day, with no forms to fill in or sign, nothing–just treatment, fast.

    My birth family lives in the UK. My brother has schizophrenia. He is totally taken care of by the state:

    free drugs
    free travel pass (for unlimited travel around London)
    free accommodation (in a quite nice house with about three other people with mental illnesses and staff)
    nurse onsite
    key worker, social worker, psychiatrist, psychologist, therapy–free

    My ex-colleague from NYU whose son has schizophrenia published about 500 books to make royalties to pay for his son’s treatment.

    National Health Service of the UK: YOU ROCK

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